Crash Bandicoot (1996)

This 1996 PlayStation platformer is something of a hidden gem. No other game at the time could touch this, graphically. The various locations that Crash pass through are various, colorful and exciting. The sound effects are top notch, as well, with various catchy tunes for each level “theme”. Levels vary from standard side scrolling platform affairs to chase levels featuring a boulder and much more. The level themes themselves vary from jungles to forts and even the side of a castle during a thunderstorm.

The only true criticisms that can be said are of its downright brutal difficulty, which is made further due to its lackluster save system. In this game, players can only save during bonus rounds (for players without memory cards, a password system is available). The later levels are also extremely difficult, with a level known as “Slippery Climb” being the most notable. Even further, to get 100% completion, the player must obtain gems. The way to obtain a gem for each level is to open each and every crate in the level without dying.

In conclusion, this game is a PlayStation classic. Wonderful graphics and insanely fun game play make this game a must have for any somewhat serious gamer. The only downside is the insane difficulty for later levels, which is made much harder when going for 100% completion.

Final score:
Graphics: While the graphics may seem dated in 2011, they were revolutionary in 1996. (9/10)
Gameplay: Gameplay is top notch, except for the difficulty in later levels and for obtaining 100% completion. (7/10)
Sound: The sound effects are good and the music is excellent and memorable. (8/10)
Replayable: The ability to unlock gems, which unlock extra areas in levels, which allow the player to unlock more gems may give the player more fun with the game. However, the difficulty may offset the fun. (6/10)
Bottom line: The game is good, but several things mar it from becoming a true classic. For a superior game, play the two sequels, Cortex Strikes Back or Warped. (7.5, Good)


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