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Several (Small) Updates

May 13, 2013

I haven’t posted to this blog in what feels like several years (but has only been several months). Since then, several admittedly small things have happened:

  • I’m no longer the fervent hater of Steam that I used to be. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate the DRM behind Steam, although I haven’t been bitten by it in a long time (don’t worry, 15 minutes after I post this, something will happen). And, given the choice between purchasing a game on GoG or on Steam, I’ll choose GoG nearly every time because it’s DRM free, cheaper (unless a Steam sale is on) and is generally easier to mod. However, if I’m buying a game online, I’d much rather use Steam than some other client.
  • I purchased a domain and some hosting. I may very well create that site I promised years ago. I may very well indeed…