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Tomb Raider II Gold for the Release

November 3, 2012

Several months ago, the first three Tomb Raider games were released on Usually, their releases feature all expansion packs and DLC. However, this was not the case with Tomb Raider. The first three Tomb Raider games had mini expansion packs that were, of course, only available on the PC. The first two Tomb Raider games were rereleased as Tomb Raider [I/II] Gold, and included their expansions: Unfinished Business for Tomb Raider I, and The Golden Mask for Tomb Raider II. It was also released on the Internet for free for the then current owners of the two games. Tomb Raider III, on the other hand, did not feature a free expansion. It was a standalone expansion pack (The Lost Artifact) that was sold in stores.


While, I can (sort of) see the lack of The Lost Artifact in the GOG release, due to perhaps licensing issues, I can’t see it for Unfinished Business or The Golden Mask, as they were released for free. Thankfully, there is a way to play Unfinished Business with your GOG copy, which also features the PlayStation soundtrack (it was never included with any PC version, for some odd reason). I’ve never found a way to fully play The Golden Mask with the GOG release. There is a “glitch” that involves installing the demo version of Tomb Raider II and then installing The Golden Mask, but it doesn’t feature the soundtrack. My goal is to find a way to play The Golden Mask with the GOG release and the full soundtrack. And I believe that I have achieved that goal.


First, you will need the following:



As soon as you have the above, you should create a folder on your desktop. I used “TR2Gold”. After that, I then copied the installed GOG release of Tomb Raider II to that folder. Then, I deleted the contents of the “data” folder in the copy of the of the game that I copied to the “TR2Gold” folder and deleted “tombpc.dat” that resides in the main folder. All of the assets for Tomb Raider II were deleted, including tombpc.dat, which is the main script for “tomb2.exe”.


Now, you should install the standalone copy of Golden Mask. As soon as it is installed, you should copy over the contents of the data folder to the data folder in “TR2Gold”. Then, copy tombpc.dat in the data folder to the main folder. If you wish, you can delete the “savegame” files in this folder since they will only work in the main game. Finally, run Tomb2.exe. There it is: Tomb Raider II Gold in all its beauty, soundtrack included. No CD required.


NOTE: I have yet to play the entirety of Tomb Raider II Gold, so I do not know if there are any severe bugs. I doubt it, though.