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I Switched Back to SeaMonkey

March 29, 2012

I’ve been hearing more and more about new “features” in newer versions of Firefox that I’ve simply decided to switch back to SeaMonkey. For one, it still has a sane interface. I don’t need an add-on to have my status bar. I mean, really. They couldn’t have just disabled the status bar by default, and let “techies” re-enable it? The address bar still shows the protocol in SeaMonkey (sure, it’s a small thing, but a lot of small things can turn into a very big thing). It doesn’t seem to be as.. bloated as Firefox is (has been and probably will still be until the end of Firefox). Since the last time I used SeaMonkey as my default browser (2007?), it’s been updated with the good features of Firefox (I reviewed a Beta of SeaMonkey 2 back in December of 2008) and a little rant about it in 2009. I was critical of it because it didn’t support older versions of Windows. Sure, it’s something to complain about, but these days most browsers don’t support anything under XP (except for OS/2, you odd man out, you). All in all, I’m glad that I switched back to SeaMonkey. It makes browsing the web enjoyable once again.