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I Would if I Could

February 18, 2011

As you may know, the United States federal government has been seizing Internet domains for hosting copyrighted content or child pornography. However, they went above and beyond that when they “accidentally” seized 84,000 domains, most (if not 99%) of them innocent. Looking for more information I found this article on “El Reg”. Seeing a bold “fuck off” half-way down the article, I decided to click on the link to a blogger who was had one of the 84,000 domains. Imagine my surprise when I see that the blog is called stop_error.

At first I kind of smirked, seeing that some one else used the title. Do I care? No. Really, it’s just the official terminology for a blue screen of death. But there was a more important thing that I started thinking of. Why can the federal government just come in and “grab” any domain they want? Even domains registered outside of the United States? What about a little thing I like to call the United States Constitution? This is a result of big government. Democrats and Republicans both love big government. We need people who understand and respect the Constitution in charge. I’m crying right now about this, much like a certain person in the house. And yes, this is a big fucking deal.