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I Want the Old Slashdot Back

January 26, 2011

After freshly installing a Fedora 14 virtual machine (just trying to keep up with the different Linux distros. I really don’t think I can fully switch over to Linux on my primary machine due to my love of PC gaming. I won’t get a console, thank you very much!) I decide to fire up Firefox and go to Slashdot, just to test and see if things are working. It worked, but I now wish it didn’t work, since I saw something so horrid that I wish I never saw it. I saw… the horrible new Web 2.0 Slashdot.

In typical Web 2.0 fashion, it has lots of blank white space and that downright annoying as all hell header that scrolls down with the page. I have to ask: why? What was so wrong with the older design? Or even the design older than that? I’m hearing reports that it isn’t compatible with older browsers on older operating systems, so this is a major bummer. If only web designers would design sites the way I would: “if it doesn’t work with Netscape/Internet Explorer 3, then it sucks”. There might have been a lot of things to hate about 1990’s web design (such as most GeoCities pages), but at least for the most part it sucked less. I’d love to hear what you think of the new design.

Written from my Fedora 14 Virtual machine.


EDIT: Of course here is the news entry about the redesign itself.


I’m Racist? Really?

January 15, 2011

When you play a game online, communication is key. A crappy team with communication will for the most part win over a good team without communication. But what happens when you’re in a game where people are communicating, but in a different language? What happens when they lag so bad, that other players feel like they’re lagging? I was playing a game today where all that was happening and I pointed this out. Another player called me a “racist”.

Is it racism when you want to play a game where communication and lag can make or break a game?