I’ve Finally Upgraded to Windows Vista

My “unoffical” policy of upgrading my operating system is to upgrade to the predicessor of the current version of Windows. For the longest time, I’ve used Windows 2000. And I will readily admit that Windows 2000 is the best operating system, no. The best piece of software to come out of a certain company from Redmond, Washington. At the time that it came out, it was revolutionary. Stability and being able to use it for less than workstation tasks. Times change, though. Software isn’t compatible any more. Hardware isn’t compatible anymore. At the end, you are going to upgrade to something else. It’s going to happen. It may not be to the latest version of Windows. It may be to Apple’s OS X. It may be to Linux or FreeBSD or.. something. But you are going to upgrade.

I upgraded to Windows XP a few years ago. Yes, I did use prior to that. But on my own computer it was Windows 2000 or bust. It was my computer, so I had the say on what software was being run on it. But today… well a few days ago, rather. I upgraded to Windows Vista. The very software I complained about. The very software I made fun of. I knew that it was inevitable that I would upgrade. Linux is great, but at the moment it isn’t a Windows killer. And, I hate to admit it, but Windows Vista isn’t very bad at all. It takes a little while to get used to it. They changed a lot of things for the better (eg: Windows update) and some things not so much for the better. Actually compared to my testing of Windows 7, I prefer Vista. I like that Vista is darker than 7. I like the Vista UI better. But, Vista is the OS I’ll be using for the forseeable future. Funny how that works, hmm?

The "Wow" started in 2007 and I failed to realize it.


3 Responses to “I’ve Finally Upgraded to Windows Vista”

  1. stoperror Says:

    That also means that my Firefox 4 review will focus more on the Vista/7 exclusive features, though I still use XP day to day on a different machine. I am also quite the Duke Nukem 3D fan, as you can see.

  2. Andrew T. Says:

    Dave, you might be interested to know that I just put Windows 2000 on my laptop today. I still don’t care much for the OS; but after spending two years using the computer exclusively as a Linux testbed (for which I can never find a full set of compatible drivers), I figured that it was a small price to pay for a practically-usable machine.

  3. stoperror Says:

    Heh. Funny, I’ve been thinking of finally switching to Linux (for real this time). Probably Slackware or something where “With X you learn Linux, with Y you learn Y.” is appropriate. XP/Vista/7 is alright, but I’ve always wanted to migrate to Linux for years. I’ve given myself a deadline of 12/31/2010.

    2000 is still my favorite version of Windows, though.

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