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I Think I’d Like to “Jump Back in Time”

June 23, 2010

This site has got me to start thinking about HTML5 and Flash Player. About how the horrible things that Flash has spawned onto us (Flash advertisements, for one). The horrible Flash player for Linux (and from what I’ve heard, the just a little better Flash Player for OS X). About how OS/2 or BeOS users (who have modern browsers ported for their platform) are stuck with ancient or no (well, that may be a good thing depending on how you look at it) Flash Player. Think about how many times the Flash plugin has crashed on you. I think I’d rather “jump back in time” to a 1998 where plugins don’t crash my browser while I’m getting rickrolled. Yeah, and I’ll play some Tomb Raider 3 or Half-Life and be content.

I’d rather have an open specification such as HTML5 that can be freely implemented in any browser on any platform imaginable that won’t crash and require 98% CPU usage to watch a 360p video on YouTube in fullscreen. So what if it can’t do a few stupid things that shouldn’t even be done with in the first place. Though, I will admit that Flash has a time and a place. But that place is not in a users web browser when they’re watching stupid videos on YouTube or uploading files to a website. There are things that Flash does well and there are things that Flash just doesn’t do well.