Steam, Steam, Forget What I Said, I Love you Afterall

After hearing about Valve porting Steam (and all of their games, including Half-Life [1]) to OS X, I thought that they would port it to Linux. Linux is more similar to OS X than to Windows, after all. And they did port Source to Open GL. So why not do a little more work and open up to a new market: Linux gamers. So when I open Slashdot today and see that they are indeed planning to port Steam (and their games) to Linux, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised. Not to mention that Portal is free until the 24th for Windows and Mac users (and presumably Linux users too, after they release Steam for Linux and it’s advertising for Portal 2, but what the hell).

Steam, forget all that I’ve said. I might dislike some of the things about Steam, but then Valve goes and does this. This outweighs the bad.


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