Real Soon, Now.

STOP Error Service Pack 2 (as I’ve codenamed it) is currently in development. Some of the major changes from the current incarnation is that it won’t be a “blog” anymore. I’ve always thought the blog format was a bit restricting, in that I couldn’t easily format and plan out the site in a way that I desired. The blog posts/comments/resources from here will be transferred to my new site, so you won’t have to fear that all your insightful comments were deleted. Since it’s no longer going to be a blog format, I’ve been wondering on how I should do it? Should I link each and every post I make to a thread in a forum and have users comment there? Should I create a custom comment solution? Should I just some hosted service (like Andrew used to use)? They’re all good questions. And they’re questions that are going to get answered. Expect the “RTM” for Service Pack 2 to be in May or June. I want Service Pack 2 to be something I can be proud of, not something I shoved out just to say I finally released it. Think more of a “It’s done when it’s done”, aka: Duke Nukem Forever.


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