Yet Another Steam Blog Post

After reading the comments of the people on the forum, I feel I must respond: Steam is probably one of the “better” DRM schemes out there, but as with pretty much everyone else, I would prefer no DRM at all. Compared to StarForce (the DRM technology that destroyed an optical drive of mine), it’s wonderful. The “Steam Community” is an excellent feature. My primary complaint is the lack of resale/giving games you don’t use anymore to a friend. Let’s say I bought a game on Steam, and I thought it flat out sucked. I should be able to “de-activate” it from my account and authorize access to another Steam user. I belive very much in the first-sale doctrine (a US law, for those Australian readers, as I’m based in the US). Hell, don’t even allow resale, just let me give a game I don’t like to another Steam user.

Overall I don’t really hate Steam. Some of the bugs annoy me, yes. And I will admit that I really dislike the UI in the Steam app, but looking beneath the bugs, it’s not all that bad.


2 Responses to “Yet Another Steam Blog Post”

  1. stoperror Says:

    And I also hate that games released on Steam have EXTRA DRM on top of Steam. I mean, do we really need GfWL, SecuROM and STEAM all running together?

  2. stoperror Says:

    Ahh, since I’ve decided to reinstall Left4Dead, I CAN’T! I get an error message telling me that Steam’s servers are too busy and they can’t handle my “request”. If it didn’t use Steam, I’d be able to install the game just fine.

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