2010: The Year of Linux on MY Desktop

After continually trying Windows 7 (with decent hardware. A 3GHz Phenom II X4, 5.5GB of RAM and an HD 3870), and disliking it, I’ve decided that in 2010 I will switch to Linux. Yes, for real this time. After using Windows XP (currently using XP x64), and having experienced the differences between the XP and Vista/7 interface, I’ve decided that Linux is my best bet. However, my only problem is the fact that ATI’s Linux drivers are noticeably inferior to NVIDIA’s drivers. I’ve decided that I will switch to Linux before December 31, 2010. I think a year is more than enough time to migrate over to Linux. Don’t you think so?

I’m hopeful that it will work this time. Wish me luck.


5 Responses to “2010: The Year of Linux on MY Desktop”

  1. stoperror Says:

    It should also be noted that I was (kind of) like this when I finally migrated to XP. I would love to move to Linux, but compatibility is one of the major issues I have with it (less of an issue with Linux, and more of an issue with the developers of the software that I use). I fear that I will most likely move to Windows 7, while kicking, bitching, and doing anything I can to stop it from happening.

  2. Limulus Says:

    Use an Ubuntu Live CD to test the hardware; there will be releases in April and October 🙂

  3. John Egenhofer Says:

    Best of luck to you and your transition. I’ve tried to move to linux, but it’s hard because I like Graphic design. I’ve gotten Photoshop and Illustrator CS2 to run in Ubuntu using WINE. But those are becoming outdated technologies.

    I would honestly love to move over to linux. Free OS Upgrades and such. Open source stable software, a cool useragent string. It’ll just take some work for me.

  4. stoperror Says:

    As would I. I love open source software, but I also love quality software. If there are 2 pieces of software, and one is quality but non-free, and the other isn’t quality but is free, I would choose the quality one. However, if they are both quality, I would choose the free one.

  5. John Egenhofer Says:

    Well, I now have linux on my desktop. Since a customized debain install with LXDE is running better on the minuscule 256MB of ram than XP will.

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