Come on, you can do better…

After seeing that Team Fortress 2 had an update I was excited. What could they have possibly added? Engineer update? Demoman update? My heart was pounding as I right clicked on “Team Fortress 2” in Steam, and hit “View Update News”. What was it? Something remotely exciting? No, not exactly. More like anger inducing.

TF2Anger“Added Bill’s Hat for players who pre-purchase Left 4 Dead 2“. I have not pre-purchased Left 4 Dead 2. I haven’t even played the original Left 4 Dead (which entails an entirely other story). Yet, those of us who purchase Team Fortress 2 are left out. I had very hope that they release Bill’s Hat for all players after Left 4 Dead 2 is release, or… well, we won’t get into that now.


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