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SeaMonkey 2 final release: A Change (Mostly) for the Worst.

October 31, 2009

Almost a year back, I reviewed a pre-release version of SeaMonkey 2. In it, I described all the new features of SM2, which basically make it more “Firefox-ish”, including the newer rendering engine included with Firefox 3, and a newer add-on engine, just like Firefox 3. While I thought it was a decent browser overall, I found fault with it:

  • Older versions of Windows are no longer supported.
  • I hate the new default theme. I liked the older classic Netscape 4 theme better, but that can be rectified by simply installing a new theme.

Since Opera 10 no longer supports Windows 95, what modern, up to date web browsers are there for Windows 95? A web browser shouldn’t need all these fancy API’s, because after all, a web browser at its simplest form downloads and displays web pages.


Why all the Love for Steam?

October 25, 2009

It’s pretty well known that I have a dislike for Steam. I dislike it for many reasons, but I mostly dislike it because of the DRM, the technical problems (of which I discussed in the linked blog post), and… the users. The people who’ll defend Steam to their death. Why, I have to ask. Why defend a for-profit company that wants to take away the rights to use the product you bought? It boggles the mind.

Whenever I tell people my opinion on Steam, they’re always like “Steam works great, and if it doesn’t work it’s because it’s your fault. You can play your games offline using offline mode. Why do you need or want phyisical copies of your games? You think you’re going to resell them after your done with them!? That’s illegal! That’s hurting the game compaines!” Of course I went a tad over the top with it, but that’s basically what they say.

1. Steam can be, and IS, buggy at times. Don’t deny it. A lot of problems can be rectified with that “ClientRegistry.blob” file, but some of them can’t.

2. Yeah, sometimes I can play them. Sometimes I can’t. And can I play them without an Internet connection for weeks at a time? Or even a few days? Thought, not. So it’s not a true “Offline mode”.

3. I like having physical copies. It shows that I actually own the game. It shows that I actually have a thing that I can touch, and a manual that I can read.

4. I’m sorry, but I believe that I have the right to transfer ownership of a game that I do not wish to play anymore. That’s a big reason why I hate Steam. Lack of the ability to change ownership of a game.

I hate it when people happily give away their rights to major corporations, but I hate it even more when other people expect ME to give away those rights too.

Windows 8: Coming to you with 128-bits, or not.

October 10, 2009

After not only reading this (among other news sources) but also reading the comments of such article, I was amazed that people actually believed it. On a more serious note, why would people need 128-bit? Are there systems out there that need more than 1 TB of RAM? But, eh, I will never need more than 640-bits. It should be enough for anyone. And the amount of addressable RAm should be more than enough for anyone.