I hate the new Firefox icon.

I recently decided to install and use the Firefox 3.5 release candidates. Now, I won’t go into great detail to describe it, but it’s faster, more standards compliant and advertises the tab bar by default (with a ‘new tab’ button). But, the one thing that caught my eye was the new icon (as shown in Figure 1)

The Firefox 3.5 Icon

Figure 1: Firefox's new icon

What was wrong with the old one(s)? The new one seems too shiny. Thankfully I can overwrite the icon and replace it with the identifiable classic.


3 Responses to “I hate the new Firefox icon.”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    Well, Makoto’s builds that I use still have the Minefield branding, with the sparking fuse on top of the globe.

  2. stoperror Says:

    Thanks to Andrew’s Mozilla Network guide, I got it back to the classic Firefox logo. Though, I should say that Firefox is a lot slower loading pages now. Ehh, I’ll go back to the old icon.

    EDIT:That was just my internet connection, actually. Stupid neighbors downloading porn at 5:30 in the afternoon.

  3. Jeff Says:

    I hate it too. My basic problem is usability. They lost too much blue from the globe. Now when I alt-tab to hop between apps, my eye—well trained from years of Firefox usage to recognize the icon—doesn’t identify this orange-and-white thing as Firefox. In those moments, I can feel my synapses shredding apart.

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