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Windows 7 Works with a VIA C7.. well somewhat

May 14, 2009

Since my default machine (an Athlon 64) decided to go get fried, I’ve had to use my fallback machine, which is a Via C7. This C7 in paticular is 1500MHz, has 128KB of L2 cache, and features the MMX,SSE,SSE2, and SSE3 instruction extentions, while my Athlon 64 was 1800MHz, had 512KB of L2 machine and featured all the instruction additions that the C7 does plus 3dnow and x86_64.

Compared to that machine.. this thing is slow. My old CPU counted PI to 1 million digits in around 40 seconds. This bad boy? Over 360 seconds. Now that I’ve got the fact that is slow drilled into your head, you probably wonder if this CPU’ll handle 7. It does. But not extrodinarily so. It seems XP is the best [Microsoft] OS for this beast.


In response to an old post…

May 9, 2009

Remember when my old graphics card had an idle temp of over 80º C?  Thankfully though, my new graphics card idles at around 38ºC.

GPU TempAll I can say is ahh..

No NoScript for me…

May 2, 2009

After reading this, I got pretty pissed off. Why was NoScript doing things behind my back (adding whitelists to AdBlock Plus so the developer’ll be able to profit whenever people go on his site). And incidentally, I’ve been wondering why there were so many NS updates. To drive his ad revenue up? Anyway, I’ve uninstalled it, and recommend others to do so too.