I am nothing short of OUTRAGED by reading this.

Thankfully Opera still supports even Windows 95.

Update: Why is Mozilla removing “support” for Windows 2000 & XP SP2 or older? Is it for some new fangled feature that can’t be done on 2000 or even XP SP2, but needs SP3, which basically is nothing but a couple of bug fixes? I expect this from Microsoft, not Mozilla. They should no longer try to act like they’re “superior” to Microsoft if they’re basically pulling the same stunts as them.

I don’t know what damn world they live in, but not every one can (eg: Money) or want’s to upgrade to the latest and greatest. And I’ve personally felt that Mozilla has gone down hill since Firefox 2. Not everyone stays on top forever (look at Mosaic, Netscape, and even IE for examples).


3 Responses to “Mozilla: SELL OUT HACKS”

  1. stoperror Says:

    Heh, I saw your comment regarding the topic, Andrew.

  2. Andrew T. Says:

    Heh, that’d be me.

    What frustrates me is that the Mozilla team appears to fail to realize that it’s in their best interest for Firefox users on Windows not to be using the latest, Microsoft-endorsed version thereof: More people not using Windows XP/Vista means less competition posed by IE7/8, less public support for Microsoft’s regressive product “upgrades,” and ultimately less money lining the coffers of Mozilla’s Redmond-based, antitrust-crapping nemesis.

  3. stoperror Says:

    Since it’s open source, though, people can fork it. Hopefully making it that true “lightweight” browser they’ve been talking about since 2002.

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