See yah NVIDIA.

That 8800 I got in August started warming up in December, and today is running even hotter, near 100c. The manufacter refuses to answer any communications, so I’ve decided to go ATI, even though I’ve heard horror stories about their drivers.


2 Responses to “See yah NVIDIA.”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    The only horror stories I’ve had with ATI drivers are with the Linux drivers. I have an Xpress 1150M in my laptop, an IGP 320M in my old laptop, and have a 3D Rage Pro in my desktop now, and their OpenGL performance on both the open-source and proprietary drivers are abysmal compared to the performance I can get under Windows.

    I’ve heard this isn’t so much of a problem with the new cards that run on the radeonhd driver, but I can’t verify that myself.

  2. stoperror Says:

    The ATI drivers don’t seem to support Windows 2000, though. And the NVIDIA drivers do.

    But oh well.

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