SharePoint Designer, now free!

Microsoft SharePoint Designer, a WYSIWYG HTML and web design program, that interfaces with their SharePoint server system, is free as of today (Thursday, April 2, 2009). It’s very similar to it’s non SharePoint design brother, Expression Web, but has additional SharePoint features. To me, Expression Web/SharePoint Designer have a far superior interface than Adobe’s Dreamweaver offering, or the open source communities NV|U, Mozilla/SeaMonkey Composer, or KomPoZer. Microsoft also said that future updates to this program will be free.

So, if you want a free version of “Expression Web”, get it while its hot!


6 Responses to “SharePoint Designer, now free!”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    I’m more partial to Visual Web Developer, though it looks like the SharePoint designer would be more useful for working graphically.

  2. stoperror Says:

    Editing web pages in VS 2005 doesn’t have the “split” mode that SPD has. Plus even though it’s more “graphical” it has more web orientated tools.

    VWD is for developing ASP.NET applications if I’m correct. SPD is for developing SharePoint apps, but I’m using it as a generic web design app. And for that task, it excels.

  3. Don_HH2K Says:

    Maybe 2005 doesn’t, but 2008 does.

    Given, I’m somewhat of an ASP.NET developer, but I (sadistically?) prefer editing my own HTML by hand instead of using the designer. Visual Studio has some nice code completion and formatting options that generally let me be lazier than I should, which in a way is nice.

  4. stoperror Says:

    Heh, I’m still stuck with VS 2005. And I did hear that VWD 2008 uses the Expression Web/SPD editor.

  5. Andrew T. Says:


  6. stoperror Says:

    Didn’t see that.

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