April 1st: Make it stop. Please!

I always dread April 1st every year. Especially on Slashdot, where Microsoft asked for bailout money, the Pirate Bay got aqquired by media giant, Warner Bros., and Slashdot themselves introduced “Achievements”, this year. In years previous they had one GREAT GOOD JOKE, instead of tons of lame ones. OMG Ponies!, anyone?

And, yes, the “Achievements” seem to be real. Hopefully it was just a big one day joke, but I doubt that.


One Response to “April 1st: Make it stop. Please!”

  1. Andrew T. Says:

    I was hoping they’d unveil something at least infinitesimally clever, such as the “Slashdottit (sic)” boxes from a couple years back. But as a whole, the last few April firsts on Slashdot have been real yawners…

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