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This is pretty cool.

April 25, 2009

I must admit that after reading this, I stayed up to 4:30am playing the classics offered there. Be warned: you will spend a LOT of time playing them.


Online games these days

April 16, 2009

I really hate that most servers in online games (eg: Counter-Strike) require you to download the stupid soundclips. And when you disallow it , you can’t connect to most servers. Why oh why can’t the server admins just run a stock config? And of course the stupid “sprays”. They have to spray stupid images that well I’m not comfertable with when playing a damn game.


April 14, 2009

I am nothing short of OUTRAGED by reading this.

Thankfully Opera still supports even Windows 95.

Update: Why is Mozilla removing “support” for Windows 2000 & XP SP2 or older? Is it for some new fangled feature that can’t be done on 2000 or even XP SP2, but needs SP3, which basically is nothing but a couple of bug fixes? I expect this from Microsoft, not Mozilla. They should no longer try to act like they’re “superior” to Microsoft if they’re basically pulling the same stunts as them.

I don’t know what damn world they live in, but not every one can (eg: Money) or want’s to upgrade to the latest and greatest. And I’ve personally felt that Mozilla has gone down hill since Firefox 2. Not everyone stays on top forever (look at Mosaic, Netscape, and even IE for examples).

The Most Popular OS in the world is now in the “extended support” period.

April 14, 2009

As of today (4/14/2009) Windows XP is now in the “extended support” period. I actually find it hilarious that around 67% of the worlds computers are powered by an OS in the “extended support” period. Thankfully, though, XP’ll be supported until 4/8/2014. And hopefully Linux will have either:

  • gotten better
  • or made Microsoft make “NT 5.3” (the “true” successor to XP)

Of course the Windows 95 users (you know who you are) are just as “not supported” as they were in December 2001, and don’t have to deal with the headache known as Conficker.

See yah NVIDIA.

April 12, 2009

That 8800 I got in August started warming up in December, and today is running even hotter, near 100c. The manufacter refuses to answer any communications, so I’ve decided to go ATI, even though I’ve heard horror stories about their drivers.

AdBlock for IE, now available

April 3, 2009

I just saw this article, which shows you how to set up a filter in IE(8) to block advertisements. Is it the same as AdBlock for Firefox? No, but it’s a pretty decent alternative.

SharePoint Designer, now free!

April 2, 2009

Microsoft SharePoint Designer, a WYSIWYG HTML and web design program, that interfaces with their SharePoint server system, is free as of today (Thursday, April 2, 2009). It’s very similar to it’s non SharePoint design brother, Expression Web, but has additional SharePoint features. To me, Expression Web/SharePoint Designer have a far superior interface than Adobe’s Dreamweaver offering, or the open source communities NV|U, Mozilla/SeaMonkey Composer, or KomPoZer. Microsoft also said that future updates to this program will be free.

So, if you want a free version of “Expression Web”, get it while its hot!

April 1st: Make it stop. Please!

April 1, 2009

I always dread April 1st every year. Especially on Slashdot, where Microsoft asked for bailout money, the Pirate Bay got aqquired by media giant, Warner Bros., and Slashdot themselves introduced “Achievements”, this year. In years previous they had one GREAT GOOD JOKE, instead of tons of lame ones. OMG Ponies!, anyone?

And, yes, the “Achievements” seem to be real. Hopefully it was just a big one day joke, but I doubt that.