The Sims 3… no DRM?

I was actually surprised to read this. EA doing something.. good? Dropping the DRM that has plauged their games for years past? Hopefully this is a good sign, and if The Sims 3 sells well, maybe EA’ll drop the DRM with their other titles. And, of course, maybe other publishers will drop the DRM? The CD-key is a logical copy protection measure. It doesn’t restrict what you can do with your copy of the software. It lets you install it whenever you want. However many times you want. Just as an example, I was installing Windows for Workgroups 3.11 the other day,  it came to where you entered your serial number, and I was wondering what would happen when XP is as old as WfW 3.11. Would there be a patch to disable the activation? Would they just laugh say “Your loss, why don’t you upgrade to Windows Twelve”? I don’t know, but I feel it’ll be all bad.


3 Responses to “The Sims 3… no DRM?”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    After what happened with Spore, I’m really not surprised. Of course, I also wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve only temporary gotten rid of their DRM schemes while they work on something that [they feel] is less intrusive.

  2. Andrew T. Says:

    My last experience with EA proper was the time I accidentally bought a used copy of The Sims 1 at Goodwill that turned out not to have a CD inside. I can’t say if this development will steer me towards their newest product, but kudos to them for doing something right.

    My opinion is that the best way of protesting against draconian installation- and access- control technologies is by not using the products that employ it. Whenever Microsoft take the Windows XP activation servers offline, the only words I’ll probably be mustering to the masses of disaffected customers are “I told you so”…

  3. stoperror Says:

    For the XP scenario you can either:
    * Get a crack
    * Go back to 2000
    * Hope and pray that Microsoft disables it out of the goodness of their hearts.

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