New headset means new technolgoies embraced

I finally got a headset today. I know to most other people have had one for at least the last few years, and I felt I didn’t need one. But times change. I need to be able to win at online games. Talk to others online. But, one possibility I had was to allow users to download “spoken” versions of these articles, such as what Slashdot does. But unlike Slashdot, I’d speak ’em myself.

Oh, and you can Skype me: I’m “stoperror” on Skype.


5 Responses to “New headset means new technolgoies embraced”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    I still need to repair my headset, though I suppose in the meantime I could just run an audio cable over from my camcorder’s headphone jack.

  2. stoperrror Says:

    Heh, I got mine for $15 at Wal*Mart.

  3. Don_HH2K Says:

    I got mine from a torn-out Tandberg Language Lab, then used parts from Radio Shack to make it work with a PC.

  4. stoperrror Says:

    I bought a 3.5mm Y jack and a screw on to push in “F” connector for my TV tuner from Radio Shack, though I doubt that counts.

  5. Don_HH2K Says:

    My parts actually consisted of a soldering iron and solder (purchased at RS when I was… thirteen?), and 3.5mm stereo and mono solderable connectors bought from the component racks off in the back.

    I also recall buying a watch battery while I was there.

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