For the last time, BitTorrent is not illegal!

After hearing about the PirateBay trial, a person I know asked me if “BitTorrent was legal” and that he heard that “BitTorrent was used to download illegal stuff”. I actually hear about that a lot, from people I know, to random people on internet forums, and to the RIAA/MPAA spewing out untrue information for the un-informed masses. My usual response to that question is: “BitTorrent is not ‘illegal’. It’s perfectly legal, in fact. Some of the files you can download via it are not legal, but most are.”

You can just as easily download an illeal file off of it as you can a legal file. You can download Windows Vista (though I’d wonder why someone would)off of it as easily as you can download a Linux distro. Actually most Linux distro’s recommend that you use BitTorrent, as it doesn’t use the server bandwidth.


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