Link of the Week: Windows Geniune Advantage and a Whole Lot More.

Probably one of the most cotreversial topics for Windows XP and Windows Vista is the inclusion of product activation and “Windows Genuine Advantage”, an Anti-Piracy measure. Really, I can’t see how WGA is an advantage to anyone, other then Microsoft, and even then, I heard a story about a guy who worked at Microsoft that got “shut down” by WGA. So I look around and what do I find? The Windows Genuine Advantage blog on the MSDN. Now it wouldn’t be half as funny if the guy who wrote on the blog didn’t tout about WGA that it was the best thing since sliced bread. Couple that with irate Windows users complaing.. it’s virtually priceless.

“I have the Windows Genuine Advantage, I run Windows [1.x/2.x/3.x/95/98/ME/2K]!” Or, for you penguin fans out there, we have the Linux Genuine Advantage.


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