Windows Server 2008?

A few minutes ago, a crazy thought popped into my head: should I try to take Windows Server 2008 for a spin? Everyone that knows me knows that I dislike Vista. And I do dislike it, for several reasons:

  • Digital rights management. “I’m sorry Dave, but I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Microsoft “says” that some of the DRM isn’t “enabled” yet, but will be at a later date. I really don’t see how that’s a good thing. Microsoft can remotely install hot fixes without my knowledge? Or, even better, they can masquerade hot fixes via Windows update as a “critical update”?
  • Bloat. No OS should require 15GB of hard disk space. No OS. Hell, Linux distros fit a hell of a lot of software in under that. That’s a bigger issue to me than the CPU and RAM requirements. I’ve seen someone install Vista on a P3 (I believe the Coppermine version). It had a decent amount of RAM and a fairly recent GPU (GeForce 6). It ran adequately. Well, after it was heavily tweaked. Not something I’d personally use, but Vista will run (more like walk) with a crappy system.
  • Compatibility Issues. Apps released just last year won’t work with Vista. Vista changed a lot of things, and for no reason. Why use “C:\Users” instead of “C:\Documents and Settings\”? I feel the latter really described what was in it well.

There’s a 240 day trial avaliable (that is if you rearm it a couple of times) from Microsoft themselves, so when I finally do get a (working) DVD burner I’ll test both Server 2K8 and 7, and see which one is faster. I like the Server based Microsoft OS’s because they usually have trials avaliable, and don’t have the “workstation” services enabled by default. Tweaking it to make it sutiable for workstation usage is kinda like using the Debian Netinstall: you install only what you want.


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