What if… Windows went open source?

I always comptemplate this one. Let’s say that Microsoft decided to open source Windows (while Hell freezes over). It’d help projects such as ReactOS and WINE, sure. Heck, WINE’s compatibility would probably jump over night. But, then what about the script kiddies and the dark crackers living (presumably) in SE Asia. They’d probably find exploits, and by the next morning.. a lot of Windows installations would be down. I know of Linus’s law and all that, but something like the Windows codebase. An extremely large and mature (I don’t know about that one) codebase with code in there that probably hasn’t been touched since the late 80’s/early 90’s. I seem to recall that Bill Gates himself said that Windows could never be open sourced due to security reasons, and I’d have to agree with him on that. Sadly, I doubt Windows’ll ever be open sourced. Maybe parts of the API to help projects such as ReactOS or WINE, but never the entire codebase.


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