(Thinking of) Going back to Windows 2000

I said back in January that I “upgraded” to XP to “upgrade” to Windows 7. I then found out that Windows 7 could only be upgraded from Windows Vista, so that whole plan backfired. I’ve stuck with XP since. Do I have any problems with XP? Nope. The activation problem, lets just say isn’t really that important. Overall the OS is a great one. I can see why most people have yet to “upgrade” to Vista. It’s capable. It does what people want. It’s relatively secure, as much as a Microsoft OS can be. But 2000? It takes (somewhat) less resources, and having to make non-compatible software work on 2K is FUN. Well in my eyes anyway. But of course, there are downsides. Installing Steam games via CD/DVD is slower in 2000, taking a lot longer, while in XP it takes a siginigantly less amount of time.


7 Responses to “(Thinking of) Going back to Windows 2000”

  1. Andrew T. Says:

    Given that Microsoft seems desperate to want Windows XP users who are skeptical of Vista to switch to Windows 7, why would it restrict its upgrade to Windows Vista users only? Oh well; I suppose that’s typical MS logic…

  2. stoperror Says:

    From what I heard it’s because of the internals of the system. XP and 2K are virtually the same, except for the DRM, UI, and new API’s SP2 onward.

    And since most users buy from Dell and Compaq and the computer manufactures, it’s pre-installed (That’s where Microsoft makes most of their money). Very few actually install it themselves, and even fewer actually buy it. Ballmer himself said that he’d rather people pirate Windows than use Linux.

    That’s the Microsoft logic(TM) for you.

  3. stoperror Says:

    And so I did. Installation does take a bit more work. More to install. DX9.0c, SP4, IE6 SP1 (Steam requires it, and I love TF2,HL2,etc.), and so on. But it’s well worth it: a stable and lean system.

  4. stoperror Says:

    And.. I’m thinking of going back to XP. I just couldn’t get WMP 11 to run on 2K via KDW (which Don told me about), but it wouldn’t budge and a “advpack.dll” error that I can’t seem to get rid of unless I reinstall Windows. I’ve hosed a lot of Windows installs, but never this quick!

  5. Andrew T. Says:

    Forgive me if it’s a silly question, but…what’s the point or benefit of running Media Player 11?

  6. stoperror Says:

    I like the UI? And the only other choice that even comes close on 2000 is… *shudder*iTunes*shudder* I’ve tried it multiple times and it was slow, the sound stuttered, and they kept on trying to make me buy stuff (I only buy mp3’s on Amazon actually).

  7. Andrew T. Says:

    Personally and speaking purely for myself, I fail to see the appeal of using Windows Media Player for any task other than playing solitary AVI, MPEG, and WMV clips; in which case version 6.4 more than suffices. I use CD Player for audio CDs, Winamp for audio files, and Windows Explorer for file organization. The “play and organize your whole media library” mentality of iTunes and similar programs leaves me scratching my head.

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