Stop Error Rendered on Old Browsers

After I said that IE5 was from a rendering point, superior to Netscape 4, I felt I had to back up my claim. So here I am! Stop Error rendered on FF3, IE6,IE5,IE4, IE3, Netscape 4, and Netscape 3.

Firefox 3. The “refrence” renderer.

Internet Explorer 6. Nothing to comment on here. Looks decent.

Internet Explorer 5. Ahh… looks almost as good as IE6. Since I’m using Multiple IE on XP, it doesn’t have that “native” look.

Internet Explorer 4. Here, we’re starting to see some major rendering flaws.

Internet Explorer 3.  This is the Win16 (Windows 3.1) version. Text only! Woo!

Netscape 4.  I really want to say that this is better than IE 5 or IE 4, or even IE 3, but it just isn’t. Plus, this is NS 4.8, from 2002.

Netscape 3. Didn’t even render it. JavaScript errors. How so very 1990’s.

So, after this, I can say that IE 5 was rendering wise, superior. Sorry, but that’s just how it was. Plus, performance wise, IE 5 was faster.


7 Responses to “Stop Error Rendered on Old Browsers”

  1. stoperror Says:

    Forgot to include NCSA Mosaic. I might upload a screenshot of it attempting to render Stop Error later, for you classic web browser fans.

  2. stoperror Says:

    So I decided. Here it is.. The first is of the only web “site” I could think that wouldn’t result in a blank screen or crash it. My router settings page. And, amazingly, the password prompt worked just fine. Rendering wise, not quite. The second is of me attempting to open the blog. Blank screen, just like Netscape 3. And the final one is of me trying to open Slashdot. I don’t think they’d accept bug reports for a browser that was discontinued in 1997.

  3. Andrew T. Says:

    It really isn’t much of a surprise that IE 5 is better at modern page rendering than Netscape 4 today: It’s two years newer, and carried the benefit of longer and more intense penetration (through illicit means, but penetration nevertheless). For the latter reason a number of IE 4/5-associated technologies gradually evolved into standards, whereas a number of Netscape 4 technologies simply faded away.

    Of course, rendering wasn’t exactly the most pressing browser issue back in 1998: Few sites employed CSS, and most sites of the time didn’t ask for much that couldn’t be provided by Netscape 3. When I consciously chose to use Netscape instead of IE, I was motivated more by its other advantages: Security, stability, platform availability, and status of not being developed by a monopolist that had proven itself as being totally clueless about the “fad” of the web three short years earlier.

    Incidentally, I will venture to say that IE 3’s CSS technology (when it actually so much as renders the style sheet, that is) does make Netscape 4’s seem almost advanced by comparison. I briefly poked around with the browser several years ago, and saved some of the more appalling screenshots for comedy value.

  4. stoperror Says:

    I tried the M7 release from what I believe June 1999. The reason I didn’t use an earlier release was that it would crash at startup. Plus, M7 wasn’t quite stable. But, hey there’s a reason why they call beta software ‘beta software’. Before I continue I’d like to say that I am NOT A MICROSOFT SHILL. I do dislike many things of Microsoft, but again, there are some things I do like. All I want to do is debunk the myth that Netscape (and it’s variants) were not technically superior at the time browser war 1. Browser war 2? That’s a whole different story. Tabbed browsing only came into IE (officially) in 2006. I belive in an equal playing ground. No dirtry tricks by us. Just honesty and ethics.

    Any way, here it is. M7 rendering Stop Error..

    Again, I am not a Netscape basher. I love(d) Netscape. It was horrible thing that they discontinued Netscape in March 2008. But, hey, there might be a chance of it’s revival.

  5. stoperror Says:

    Also, the sad thing is, since Netscape 4 was updated all the way till to 2002, it faced competition from the oh-so-lovely Mozilla Phoenix. All I’m trying to say is that Netscape made a couple of huge mistakes. Those huge mistakes cost them. The same way that I fear may cost Firefox in a few years. I dearly hope Firefox won’t make mistakes like Netscape did, but only time can tell.

    And, the 0.1 Phoenix build got a higher Acid3 test result than IE 6. 36 vs. 8.

    I just love discussing the Browser War 1, it’s pretty entertaining. Almost as entertaining as Vi vs. Emacs or “What would have happened if Apple went with BeOS instead of NeXTStep”? Except for the editor war, they both made mistakes that cost them… dearly.

  6. Andrew T. Says:

    Who said anything about accusations of Netscape bashing? I was just stating some facts and opinions on the matter…I don’t doubt that the company had the misfortune of repeatedly stubbing itself in the toe.

    You might be interested in this piece I ranted on from a few years ago.

  7. stoperror Says:

    Some guy I used to know (a real troll if there ever was one) called me a Netscape basher.

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