The E.U.’s vendetta against IE

If you’ve been following the geek news lately you know that the E.U. is going after Microsoft for illegally bundling IE. I know of two IE hates (both of whom’s sites are in my “Sites I Freqent” section. I don’t want to start a flame war, but IE 3 was as good as Netscape 3, IE 4 was shit and Netscape 4 was crap, but IE 5 vs. NS 4? Umm.. yeah. IE 5 will render standards compliant pages better today than will NS 4, or even 1998 era pages. NS 4 was crap. And to think that they updated it until 2002. Yuck. And since NS 5 wasn’t released; they decided to re-write the Netscape code into Gecko. The Gecko rewrite wasn’t complete until they released Netscape 6 in 2000, and that wasn’t quite complete either. So in other words, while Microsoft did help kill Netscape, Netscape helped do themselves in too.

I feel that yes, IE is a monopoly. I do feel that consumers should have more choice. I do feel that the assholes that make sites IE only should learn the real meaning of “hell on Earth”. But do I feel that IE should be removed? No. Maybe the shell (iexplore.exe), but the integrated IE API’s? No. I feel that there should be a “Install web browser” icon on the desktop, with a very basic web browser (using the integrated IE API’s) that allows the user to select a browser.


2 Responses to “The E.U.’s vendetta against IE”

  1. Andrew T. Says:

    I have to agree that Communicator 4.x was not one of Netscape’s brightest moments: Navigator 3.0 bettered it in performance and interface usability; the software soldiered on with minor updates far longer than it deserved to; and by the time version 7.0 came out five years later and Netscape finally became fully competitive once again, it seemed as if no one else noticed or cared. I sometimes wonder how the “browser wars” would have progressed differently had an improved Netscape 5 come out in late 1998 and there been a seamless transition to Gecko without regressions and false development starts.

    Personally I applaud any effort to sever Internet Explorer from our desktops; though it’s anyone’s guess what effect this would have. We don’t need Microsoft to bundle competitors’ products or create redundant “Version N” releases with DLLs yanked out indiscriminately; what we need is for bundled accessories and components simply to be capable of being added or removed from Control Panel at the user’s will. Unfortunately, Windows XP/Vista/7 is such a mess as-is that mandatory IE bundling is almost the least of its problems…

  2. stoperror Says:

    Take out iexplore.exe and all of the fluff it uses. Keep the HTML rendering and underlying IE tech. All that hyperhelp crap since 98 on needs.. well it should work. Or, even better, use the Windows 3.1 help system. That’s the one major problem I had with Windows 95. I just never liked its help system.

    And on a totally unrelated rant, remember when software had printed help documentation? Remember when you got more than a sheet of paper with just the CD key, or get more than a sparse 3 page manual in the case of video games.

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