Interstate ’76 And the Nitro Pack

Anyone remember Interstate ’76 and the Nitro Pack they released? Well, I found the CDs today, along with the Interstate ’82 CD (which I never opened, because I heard it sucked). Last time I played it was in 2005 on Windows XP, and it installed perfectly, but when I tried to install it this time, I had to resort to some hacking, plus at that time I used 1024×768, but today I use 1440×900. And… it can only go up to 1024×768 in software mode and 640×480 in D3D mode (which ain’t special, to say the least). Anyone have it, and want to play against me? And, did anyone ever play I ’82? Did it suck? Should I give the game away? Should I just play it?


5 Responses to “Interstate ’76 And the Nitro Pack”

  1. Robin Says:

    Interstate ’82 isn’t nearly as good as ’76, mostly because they dumbed it down. For instance, the physics are much more arcade-like, and the vehicle has a single armour stat instead of individual armour on each side. I suppose this was to make the game more mainstream – instead, they just alienated the fans.

    But it was still worth playing through; it was good to hear the voice actors again, and there were some sequences I enjoyed. And if you like vehicular combat with a story, you can’t be too picky as there’s very few titles to choose from.

  2. stoperror Says:

    Ahh. Since I have it, and it doesn’t take too much space hard drive wise, what do I have to lose?

  3. Lucian Says:

    Well form what i can tell the dumbing down of ’82 was not just for the mainstreaming of the game… ’76 was made on the MechWarrior 2 game engine witch supported the complex armor and weapon system but by the time of ’82 that engine was just too old and graphically weak to build a new game off of.. and even though mechwarrior 3 would of been a good choice of engine to work with it was under the control of Zipper Interactive and Microprose.. so they had to go with the much less complex Dark Side engine witch did not have the advanced armor placement system..

  4. Robin Says:

    Lucian: Cool, I didn’t know what engine they used. I’m sure that technical considerations played some role in the decision to dumb down, but ultimately it was a design choice. This is a professional team developing a fairly high-profile game; I’m sure they could have extended the engine to support a better armour system if there was the desire.

    Interesting article here, with a fairly relevant quote:

    A partial quote from this interview about Interstate ’76:
    “Q: In retrospect, is there anything you would have done differently, or would like to have had more or less of in the game?

    A: If could turn back time and do it again, the first thing I would do is make the game more action-oriented with easier controls, clearer mission objectives, and greater and more frequent rewards. I would greatly simplify the game’s shell, most importantly the vehicle repair screen that players accessed between missions. I talked to a lot of people who were completely baffled the first time they went through. It was far too complex and difficult to use without the manual.”

    I think it’s pretty clear that they wanted to dumb-down the game.

  5. stoperror Says:

    I played I76 without the manual. I mean who doesn’t know that when you see “Brakes” in red that it’s bad?

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