I love Slashdot. At least I used to. “News for nerds, stuff that matters.” That summed things up. But these days, Slashdot seems to be lacking in the quality department. All the posts are either (unfairly) anti-Microsoft, anti-*AA, or some other geek topic that is virtually worthless. The adding of the “Idle” section really dumed Slashdot down. Lets say that in 2002 (“the hayday” of Slashdot) the average IQ of the average geek on Slashdot was 130, these days its 103. The meta-moderating system they use really, really, really, needs to be fixed. I see “Score: -1, Insightful” or “Score :+5 Troll/Flamebait” all the time. And the mods can, and do, moderate down things that should really have a higer score, just because it doesn’t go along with their opinions. Still, Slashdot does have glory left. Some of the stories are original, but most of the time they’re late, really late. Slashdot is analgous to low class geeks, while other sites, such as Ars Technica, seem to be for the “higher class” geek.


One Response to “Slashdot.”

  1. stoperror Says:

    The “borg” Bill Gates icon that they still use is pathetic. And by pathetic I mean, it’s a parallel to people still listening to 8-tracks in 1994 (though I love 8-tracks).

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