Todays Friday.. woo hoo!

Today’s Friday. Woo!!! Well, anyway, I’m back to Windows. When ever I try Linux or an alternative, I usually almost always go back to Windows. Thankfully this time, I just installed Linux on another hard drive. Why? Having to download over 300MB of Linux kernel source to recompile the kernel to install graphics card drivers ain’t fun. Thankfully Ubuntu lets you install it just fine, though I dislike Ubuntu. There’s somethings I’d rather have the “Windows way”. That being just downloading a file, running that file, rebooting/restarting X, and boom, the drivers are installed. Yet, I like the Linux way, mostly.

It’s not just Linux, that annoys me. It’s the open source community too. I still can not, and will not, forget/forgive the KDE “We need contributors” crap. If your touting Linux as the “alternative” to Windows, you’re gonna have a crap load of users.  I doubt your mom knows how to recompile this, or to reconfigure that in /etc/X11/Xorg.conf. Though, some of the contributions are easy. Writing documentation, helping with support, and all that, I still think that the end user feels daunted. And, I also hate the comparisons of Vista and KDE 4(.x). They say “Vista is slow and bloated”, then when another guy says that KDE4 is slow and bloated too, they go crazy. They think they’re living gods. Sorry to break it to you guys, but you aren’t.

Your typical geek lives in his parents basement, typically is rather intellegent (though I’ve seen some that aren’t), uses a UNIX-like operating system, and hasn’t gotten laid. Hey, I’m a geek myself, but I don’t live in the basement (though I’d love to: more space), I’d have to say modestly that I’m rather intelligent, I like UNIX-like OS’s but I don’t use em, and uh… I’m not saying anything about that last part. Geeks, for the most part, make software for other geeks. They get angry when non-geeks use it and complain about geek-ish idoysyncraices.

Don’t get me wrong, I love open source, and I love Linux (and the other UNIX-likes), but the open source/Linux community mentaility needs to be re-written in a higher level language in an optimized compiler.


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