I just remembered it when I was browsing the ever so wonder GUI Gallery. I checked Wikipedia and basically it’s the 2000’s version of BeOS or OS/2. Tons of potential but just not implemented correctly. The major hurdle, of course, is the lack of pubically viewable source code. Linus did it. Look where he is today. Loaded. Famous. And recently switched to GNOME from KDE! If your gonna make an OS that’s gonna go up against Microsoft’s Windows or even Linux/UNIX-likes, you’ve gotta have an incentive. What would make me want to use your OS? Gotta pay $30 to join the beta program? Nope. Lack of source. Why the hell am I even contemplating using this again? It might be a great OS. But those two things made me not want to use it. Oh, and accusations of violating the GNU GPL? Steer clear. Please. And, I’m thinking of taking my old interest in 80×86 assembly and C/C++. Who knows. Maybe I’ll have a kernel named after me one day. Daviux. Sounds pretty cool.


One Response to “SkyOS”

  1. stoperror Says:

    Looks like no more Sky OS. Feel bad for the guys that spent $30 on it.

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