I’m going to dig out my FreeBSD 7 CD and install it. I checked to see if my hardware worked and it all does, except for the TV tuner (I think) which doesn’t even work properly in XP x86. FreeBSD seems to me as UNIX. Not a “get Joe away from the command line before it blows!” type OS. I’ve always had a preference of FreeBSD over Linux. But, I’d have to say my favorite Linux distro is Slackware, because, as they say, “If you use Red Hat, you learn Red Hat, if you use Slackware, you learn Linux/UNIX”. And since KDE 4.x has been ported to FreeBSD, it seems even more inviting then usual. Wish me luck. And Mr. Shen: From what I heard your favorite OS has several components from FreeBSD.


2 Responses to “FreeBSD”

  1. Dave Says:

    Heh. I’m looking at the site running Debian Etch & Lynx. I’ve seemed to have ironed out those driver bugs.

  2. Bandwidth Bandito Says:

    Free BSD rules, you have more sense than I previously credited you. FreeBSD 7 is pretty slick and you’re right Free BSD is real UNIX, nothing watered down here. In fact it was Free BSD that taught me to love the shell.

    True Story


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