Decided to switch back to x86 Windows.

I’ve decided to switch back to x86 Windows. Why? Notepad++’s shell extension feature (which I use ever day) doesn’t work. It uses more disk space. SysWOW64 (C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64) takes up at least 300MB. Plus, the updates alone are larger. As always, I’m going to take Linux for another spin, that I’m pretty sure will fail. Hell, I might even take an x64 Linux distro for a spin. (Most likely Debian). Really, the largest Linux no-go for me is: games. I use the PC as my gaming platform. I don’t have the money for a 360, or one of the other consoles. Plus, I like the keyboard (WASD)/Mouse setup way better than a gamepad. Maybe this time some magical thing’ll happen and games I play every day (TF2 and CS:S) will actually work at 2/3 the speed it does in Windows (which is around 100FPS with everything on high @ 1440×900). If that doesn’t work: it’ll be back to x86 Windows for me! Perhaps, even back to Windows 2000!


6 Responses to “Decided to switch back to x86 Windows.”

  1. stoperror Says:

    Common sense, again saved me. If Linux, is an OS that has (an estimated) 1/10th the compatibility of Windows on x86 hardware, doesn’t that mean (again, an estimated) that it’ll have 1/100th the compatibility of x86 Windows on x64?

    Thank you, common sense!

  2. Antony Says:

    Wise decision. Staying with Microsoft Windows won’t be wrong.

  3. stoperror Says:

    Hell, I might actually take OSx86 for a spin, in VMWare of course. Or use PearPC, as I am interested to validate my claims on how OSX sucks, by using it for a prolong period of time.

  4. stoperror Says:


    It’s good to be back in x86.

  5. Don_HH2K Says:

    Heh, file dates intact and everything.

  6. stoperror Says:

    Yeah. I thought it was an error with NTFS then I checked and saw that it was capiable of 1/1/1601 through 5/28/60056.
    HFS+ (the Mac filesystem) is only capiable of 1/1/1904 through 2/6/2040.

    Plus, theres the sheer awsemoness of running 86DOS. THE DOS before MS-DOS. Mac’s can’t even say that they’re as compatible. And.. Linux.. Hell, Linus wasn’t even 15 in 1981! And neither of us were born.

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