My Take on Windows XP Professional x64.

Earlier tonight I decided to take XP x64 for a spin. And so far: I’M LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT. The installation was virtually identical to a standard x86 install. Almost all my devices had x64 drivers on their CD (except for my Conexant 2388 based TV tuner). Plus, it seems to run really freaking fast. I’ll install DosBox later to play my DOS based goodies (which I do with almost every OS install). Hopefully these happy feelings’ll remain with me, not making me wish to return to 2000.


One Response to “My Take on Windows XP Professional x64.”

  1. stoperror Says:

    And I FINALLY have some nitpicks on XP Pro x64:

    It takes up too much space. I know it needs some x86 support files for WOW64 (Windows on Windows 64bit), but does it really need nslookup.exe and other crap? Other than that, I’m still loving it.

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