OS/2. OS/2. OS/2.

I found an old OS/2 CD that I had flung someplace. In case you don’t know what OS/2 is check out the screenshots of it at Toastytech. Now I’m going to go on a rather short diatribe about how OS/2 was/is/always shall be superior to the Microsoft offering, even after the last offical IBM release of it was in 2001 (and it was a bug fix at that, the last “real” release was back in the mid-90’s). OS/2 was originally intended to be a successor to MS/PC-DOS. We can see where that went, as MS-DOS was still popular (in one way or another) up until XP (and even sometime after) was released in Fall 2001.

OS/2 has very few native computer viruses. OS/2 has (near) up to date builds of the latest Mozilla software. There’s even an OS/2 port of OpenOffice.org around some place. In other words an OS that “died” over 10 years ago has more modern software than an OS that was released not even 9 years ago (ME), or OS X v10.3 (which was released less than 5 years ago). So, what should I do with it? Using VMWare or VirtualPC is well out of the question, as OS/2 is the hardest x86 OS to virtualize.


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