An an Idea for a Great App.

I love Windows Media Player 11. I love the UI. I love the stacks view/Album art view. I also love Windows 2000. Guess what Windows 2000 can’t support? WMP 11. Though I’m now using Windows XP, and loving virtually every bit of it, theres a moderate possibility of me going back to Windows 2000. Are there any alternatives to WMP 11 on Windows 2000. Yes, actually ITunes 7.3, which features a somewhat similar album art view, but my results of using it were nothing less then disaterous. It was slow. It was bloated. It looked like a damn Mac. I’m using Windows. Windows 2000 at that. The Mac-ish look coupled with the Windows 2000 look, make it look like using the Windows XP color scheme with Windows 2.x. In other words: it sucks. I’m also bored and want to enhance my programming skills. So whats a guy like me to do? Hmm… code my own media player? I know there are like a bazillion media players out there already, but they don’t quite fit the feature set I’m looking for: basically Windows Media Player 11 (WITH NATIVE widgets) on Windows 2000 without the DRM, with Ogg Vorbis decode/encode support and MP3 decode/encode support via LAME. Since all of my current music in my library is MP3 (at 192 kb/s), I feel I’ve got nothing to lose, and a lot to gain. So what do you think? Also, it’ll (hopefully) support Windows 95, along with other “obsolete” operating systems in need of a great media player, such as OS/2.


2 Responses to “An an Idea for a Great App.”

  1. donhh2k Says:

    Windows Media Player 11 can already run on Windows 2000 via Known Dlls Wrapper (KDW). It’s pretty easy to add LAME-based playback using the LAME DirectShow Filter, and you can get OggMedia support through the Ogg DirectShow filter. Encoding from both within WMP11 may be a bit harder, though…

    I personally use FFDshow and the splitters from the guliverkli project for some greater fine-tuning capabilities. FFDshow has a cool option for “headphone spatial virtualization” audio output that simulates 5.1-channel surround sound on a pair of headphones, and I sometimes also use it to overlay the current time and time remaining over videos.

  2. stoperror Says:

    DAMN IT. I knew.. man.. But there’s still CPU usage and the fact that I CAN code it!

    But, then again, it’s nice to know WMP 11 can run on 2k. But it already has MP3/Decode/Encode. Ogg Vorbis however… And, WMP9 can use an MP3 encoder for free (I used it and it works). Its virtually identical to the WMP10/11 encoder.

    It’s still the experience of coding something thats useful. Not another Hello World. Even if it is Direct3D or OpenGL.

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