1000 Views.. Well almost.

I just looked and saw that I had 999 views of my blog (not counting me of course) since November 29th. I really don’t know how blogs go, but is this good for a blog that isn’t even 2 months old yet? 87 comments and 40 posts. Is the blog successful? I hope to think so, but I’d like your insight on this. How do I make this a better blog? Here’s the oh so optional (yet ever so lovely) screenshot:




2 Responses to “1000 Views.. Well almost.”

  1. nambulous Says:

    I think it’s awesome. When I started I had like 1-2 views a week. My “biggest success” in the first view months was 3 users not in a week, but on a single day. But where I started, blogs weren’t added to search engines automatically. So this was probably a huge factor.

  2. stoperror Says:


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