I’m using Windows Live Writer now.

Since I decided to use Windows XP (for this very short time until I get and install the Windows 7 beta), I wanted to see exactly what I could do in XP that I couldn’t do in 2000. Among other things some of the improvements in XP were deep down, such as memory management and better hyper threading support. But what about stuff I could see? The apps I could use that I couldn’t use on XP, either because the developer decided that I shouldn’t use his software on 2000, or because an API such developer used just wasn’t implemented in 2000. So I decide to take the Windows Live apps for a spin. The one that really catches my eye: Windows Live Writer. It lets me write blogs using a native interface instead of the WordPress interface (which I don’t really like). I actually really like it. I like the ability to write blog entries without opening Firefox. That if I ever had a laptop I’d be able to write articles on the go. It’s a really cool feature, that I hope will be able to be installed on Windows 7, when I install it later today.


One Response to “I’m using Windows Live Writer now.”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    I’ve been using Live Writer for a few months now, and so far I’ve liked it. Posting photos is much easier with Live Writer, since the Web-based way of doing things involved uploading a photo via FTP to an entirely different server, then typing out the entire URL to it in the post.

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