Steam sucks.

Ahh Steam… Valve’s brainchild. DRM at it’s best (or worst). Where to begin? Let’s quote them:

Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform developed by Valve corporation. It is used to digitally distribute and manage games ranging from first-person shooters and RPGs to racing games and cross-genre independent titles. Among its clients are Strategy First, PopCap Games, THQ, 2K Games, Activision, Capcom, Codemasters, Eidos Interactive, Firaxis Games, id Software, Ritual Entertainment, Rockstar Games, Sega, Take-Two Interactive, Epic Games, and Ubisoft. As of January 29, 2008, over 250 games are available on Steam, and as of February 7, 2008, there are over 15 million accounts.

First of all: digital rights management. Bad! I’m not apposed to basic copy protection schemes. The basic CD-Key is tried, it’s true, and it works. If people want to pirate something, they’re gonna pirate it. All DRM does is annoy the consumer, and thus, the consumer may become a pirate. Secondly, digital distribution. I bought the Half-Life anthology pack at Circuit City a few years ago for $4.99. And how much is it on Steam? $14.99. That is $10 more for less! I buy it in a store I get the case, I SHOULD get the manual, and I can install it from the CD. If Valve actually wants me to buy games via Steam, please lower the prices. I’m ok with the multiplayer and communications part of it. Hell, I kinda like their little community feature. Now onto November 16, 2004, the day Half-Life 2 was released. The system requirements for HL2 (at the date of its release) were (I know I probably got a few wrong, but I don’t feel like going on Wikipedia right now):

  • 1.2GHz Processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • DirectX 7 graphics card
  • Windows 98/ME (We’ll get to this a bit later.)

Those of who did buy it on that day (me included), had to activate it via Steam. Valve wasn’t anticpating on the load and the servers crashed. BOOM. Some, the people in Europe (WHO PAID FOR IT, MIGHT I ADD), couldn’t play the game. Not to mention that the Steam client itself was slow and bloated. Wheres the option for me to turn of the special effects? There isn’t one. While I will admit the client has gotten more stable (in recent months), it still shouldn’t be called “stable”. Hell, I don’t even think it should be called a “Beta”.

Let’s flash forward to June 30, 2007. Users who still ran Windows 98 or Windows ME couldn’t play the games they bought. While it said that in the EULA, it still is NOT right. When are they gonna stop support for 2000, citing that “Microsoft no longer supports this operating system”. As long as it supports XP, it should buisness as usual.

Now time for the big reason I wrote this:

Steam sucks.

Steam sucks. Though you may envy the Duke Nukem 3D wallpaper.

I can not play Team Fortress 2. I bought.. err I mean “rented” it. I should be able to play it when I damn hell feel like it! I tell you, the pirates have it good.


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  1. stoperror Says:

    Kinda forgot: If the new auto-patch feature in Windows 7 actually makes it to release, one of Steam’s big reasons is gone.

    Plus, when I try to exit Steam using File -> Exit, it doesn’t close. I look in taskmanager and see Steam.exe sucking up resources. I let it do that for hours one time: still sucking up resources. F**K YOU GABE.

  2. nambulous Says:

    I wrote about the “currently unavailable” issue myself, a while ago.

    The Steam support database has a long entry on how to fix it, but even after doing all steps, this message still appears sometimes. Hell, even deleting Steam completely doesn’t help against it.
    The bottom line is, that Valve wants users to believe that it’s a _local_ problem, one that isn’t the fault of the service itself.
    The Steam forums are full of users getting this dialog windows instead of their games.
    My unprovable theory is, that Steam is just swamped with traffic and can’t deliver as much as the users request. So in critical times this window keeps the traffic at bay.
    It sound reasonable, because at some times, the download runs with my full line speed and at others it doesn’t do anything or even gives this window. This really sounds like it depends on the number of currently active users. If it was actually a local problem, as the Steam support makes it sound, the download wouldn’t work full speed at certain day times.
    It’s really weird, that users have to try as often as possible to avoid downloads, when this is the sole distribution mechanism of this platform. The best method is to keep games on disk, once they are complete. The backup option is really becoming more and more vital. And not just to avoid download times at normal speeds.

  3. stoperror Says:

    I clicked on and restarted Steam a few times and it worked. I don’t really despise Steam. As I say, Steam has some pretty cool elements, but the uber-planned obsolescence and resource sucking just makes it REALLY bad.

  4. TripleBam Says:

    Heads up. Digital distribution is the future, and it’s quickly encroaching on the present. A storefront one your own desktop. Complete integration of social networking, gaming community, and gaming commerce.

    With Steam, there’s no need to backup. Your “backup” is on Valve’s own servers. 24/7. Switching computers? Going to a friend’s house? LOSE YOUR DISC? Got it. Done.

    Steam is also helping to bring the indy gaming scene into the mainstream, where it will receive the attention it deserves. World of Goo, a 3-man project would have gone completely under the PC gaming radar and on into oblivion were it not for Steam.

    You’re citing the failure of a system that, in it’s inexperience and infancy, failed to meet overwhelming demand. God only knows the fits you would throw if you ever went to a just-opening restaurant.

    More than four years later, it’s a 100% solved problem.

    You’re game’s unavailable? Enjoy being the inconsolable one-in-a-million. And when there’s over 15 million examples ( times however many times each of those 15 million started that one game, let alone however many other games they’ve accessed via steam ) I’m sure you’ll have some equally irritable commiserates.

  5. Gabe Says:

    Please tell me you are at least a Valve PR person. 😛

    “With Steam, there’s no need to backup. Your “backup” is on Valve’s own servers. 24/7. Switching computers? Going to a friend’s house? LOSE YOUR DISC? Got it. Done.”

    Of course there is.

    If I’m at a friend’s house and forgot my CD/DVD, I run back home to get my backup. Otherwise we couldn’t play the games, if we would have to wait ~20 hours until the download is complete.

    “Steam is also helping to bring the indy gaming scene into the mainstream, where it will receive the attention it deserves. World of Goo, a 3-man project would have gone completely under the PC gaming radar and on into oblivion were it not for Steam.”

    No it’s really not. This hardly is a merit of Steam. With ongoing success of Steam and more and more games on this platform, titles will go unnoticed under the radar as well.
    When Steam had 50 games total to offer, few titles got all the attention. With more titles, the same attention has to be shared by much more games. It will be like it’s on the retail market already.

    “You’re citing the failure of a system that, in it’s inexperience and infancy, failed to meet overwhelming demand.”

    And the bigger it gets, the more likely is the occurrence of problems.

    “You’re game’s unavailable? Enjoy being the inconsolable one-in-a-million.”

    That’s outright wrong. All steam-using people I know had this problem at one point. The official Steam forums are flooded with people having this exact problem. Since statistically only 1 in 10 people ever report such a problem, this says a lot. Only 15 million Steam accounts were ever created. With many of them blank. There are reports, how many people created these accounts to actually buy something. 3-4 millions are maybe active.

  6. stoperror Says:

    I’ve never bought a game through Steam. I’ve bought games and HAD to use Steam. I don’t have a credit card, and even if I did, wouldn’t buy it. If “digital distrubtion” is the “future” I think I’ll go and get <a href=""free games. Another thing I dislike about Steam is that when I first install it I get to see advertisements (once I saw it for a game I already owned) for other games on Steam.

  7. nambulous Says:

    Even with digital distribution, Steam would probably be the last example I would list as positive. Telltale Games and (sells games without DRM) for example sell games via download too, BUT without any additional program necessary to use it. Buy, download, play. No bond with a client of whatever kind. Telltale even sells DVDs of their games which work completely without the Internet. Classic retail. Those guys really respect what people want and don’t force them to use something exclusively. I would really love to see this option winning. Download option for those who aren’t annoyed and data mediums for those with slow Internet connections or who simply like it that way.

  8. stoperror Says:

    Yeah, but.. what if you can download it AND be able to get the actual media? Of course the option could, and probably should, cost extra.

  9. nambulous Says:

    “Yeah, but.. what if you can download it AND be able to get the actual media? Of course the option could, and probably should, cost extra.”

    That’s how Telltale does it. People who bought the DVD can still download the games and they release newer versions of them once in a while.

  10. nambulous Says:

    It doesn’t cost extra, this is for free (downloading games again, the player has already ordered on DVD), I forgot to add.

  11. stoperror Says:

    Damn, that sounds pretty nice.

  12. Bandwidth Bandito Says:

    I have purchased a number of games via steam, and apart from the HL2 activation fiasco (server overload) I have never had an issue with it. It allows reasonable portability between systems and has introduced me to indie games I would not have seen otherwise.

    Many of the comments above are somewhat over the top. Of all the subscription / download systems I have seen Steam is by far the best. Maybe you’re not ready for this type of service. That’s fine, have a cuddle with your CD/DVD media and lie down and relax.

    The backup feature allows you to create your own media if you can’t get over that particular hangup anyhow. I love a good rant as much as the next guy but your steam bashing is based on an outdated view.

    As far as people having problems I am sure this is true but almost any distribution system will have some issues, I have introduced a few people to Steam and even the outright N00bs have been able to get by without major issues. Maybe you’re just not trying hard enough to solve your own problems or you have no friends who can help (or maybe just no friends).

    As far as correct specs for programs are concerned Steam did not invent this little chestnut, it’s a shame that they have carried it on but this is a legacy of optimistic game publishers since the 386 was a boy (and maybe earlier).

    Anyhow part of your ramblings about unsolvable problems make me think that maybe computers are just not your thing, pack it away and write your reply on a clay tablet; there’s a good lad.


  13. stoperror Says:

    I know you shouldn’t feed trolls, but hey, it’s a boring old Friday..

    Steam does not let me play my games if I’m not connected to the internet. Let’s say that I’m going across the country and I have no internet connection. I could always start up Half-Life and replay it. Or any other single player game. And with the pre-Steam versions I’m pretty much free to do so. But with the Steam version I need to have a net connection. A net connection to play online games, I can see. But, to play offline games? That’s DRM near its worst. Plain and simple. I’ll agree it isn’t the worst. Far better than Spore, or even StarForce. Steam has never destroyed any of my drives. It might be slow, it might be bloated, but I can uninstall it should I desire to do so.

    Oh and a big hearty FUCK YOU goes out to you. I’m proud that the blog has finally been trolled. On a month(+) old entry no less!

  14. Bandwidth Bandito Says:

    Actually you are the only troll I see in these comments, its great to have a blog and its great to have an opinion; but if you find that someone disagrees with you, have the good grace to at least pay attention to what is being said. You say steam sucks for all sorts of reasons that I say are inconsequential to many people I have encountered. Have you heard of steam offline mode? (

    So maybe Steam only sucks if you’re clueless and unable to solve your own problems or read? It’s a wonder you could find the optical drive to insert the game media of your choice in the first place from what you are saying.

    Oh and my apologies, I did not realise that there was an expiry date on your blog entries. See what I did there?

    Trolling your own blog is the ultimate low light of an attention seekers day is it not? Time to grow up perhaps? The potty mouth gives you away as someone who is unaccustomed to intellectual debate.

    I disagree with you, get over it.


  15. Ray Says:

    @Bandwidth Bandito

    The mistake you make, IMHO, is that you assume that no one could have problems with, say Steam, purely based on the fact, that you don’t have any yourself. Which is cool (for you). And another error you shouldn’t make, is to believe, that anyone who _has_ encountered problems nonetheless, is therefore stupid. Please save us the trouble to deny it, that’s what you are doing.
    Think about this, _really_ think about it: It indeed _is_ possible to experience problems with something, even if you aren’t dumb. Yes, _even_ if you haven’t made any mistakes (Steam is such a slim client with such few options, it’s hardly possible to do anything wrong)! Try to imagine this.
    You aren’t alone with this, many people follow this exact belief system like a religion, which really _isn’t_ the way to true enlightenment…

    I also don’t understand why someone _outside_ (I take it) of Valve defends _their_ system with such a passion. Especially when Valve _themselves_ don’t deny e.g. their “game is currently unavailable” problems. What fuels this motivation is a secret to me.

    I use Steam myself usually without problems, but that doesn’t make certain issues less annoying WHEN they appear. Giving feedback is the only way for users to do something about it. Maybe things get better?

    Check out the Steam user forums, there are many topics with people getting this “unavailable” message. It’s no fun. 😉

    And although the ranting style (it’s quite common actually) in the blog post might be debatable, the occurrence of certain issues isn’t.

    PS: I also understand why people rather write about this stuff in their own blogs (and so on), because on the Steam user forums the moderators are very quick to _delete_ anything they don’t like. And they don’t like a lot. I’m really talking about very tame stuff here. Nice and well behaved written sentences, not ranting (which would be at least somewhat understandable). They also close tons of topics to discourage any discussion on them. Their forum moderators barely justify themselves, if at all.
    I remember reading some topics, and suddenly _an entire page_ was gone, although I red it before and there was no fighting, just normal discussion. They also don’t mark it, so only people who have seen it before the deletion know of it.

  16. stoperror Says:

    Couldn’t. Have. Said. It. Better.

  17. Bandwidth Bandito Says:

    _Sorry_ Ray but I was simply swinging the pendulum the other way. Steam does not suck, it’s just not perfect. I was perfectly honest about that. I can’t comment on CIA killings of post on Valves forums, but there may be many reasons to flush a post (repeat issue from another forum for example).

    Anyhow I am not a steam fanboy per se but my experiences of it have been mostly positive. I also know many people who use it without incident. So when I saw this rant about steam sucking I thought I would _SWING_ the pendulum the other way to you know _BALANCE_ the comments.

    Based on the number of people who do use it I would not be surprised if there _ARE_ problems with it. I have found personally that regardless of how thin a program may be, there are always ways to diagnose and fix problems.

    I will say that I probably do get easily annoyed when people complain about unsolvable problems as I administer a small network with 75 users and have always (eventually) been able to solve problems with many esoteric programs.

    The problem solving process leads many people to blame a particular _THING_ (ok sorry your underscores where just nutty, I’ll stop parodying them now) for the issue when it may be something else that is the true cause. I have diagnosed many a problem where the red herrings outweigh the legitimate clues and its frustrating.

    So here is the thing, stoperror presents a problem (offline gaming with Steam) I present a possible solution. I am sure there are forums aplenty with people having problems with steam. My (unfortunately) cynical view on this is how many of these issues may have been solved and no one bothered to post the solution (this is unfortunately very common). Or the issue they are having which is affecting steam is not actually a steam problem. Half Life 2 used to crash on me on a regular basis and I found eventually that it was Symantec Anti virus causing the problems (argghh).

    So let me summarise, I am not a troll, I disagree that Steam sucks, but I don’t believe it is perfect either. Disappearing posts don’t always mean a conspiracy, I don’t deny the occurrences of the game unavailable issue (don’t think this was ever featured in my posts). However I am biased when people throw their hands in the air and declare a problem unsolvable and blame outside forces for this unsolvability (is that a word?). I crack problems for a living if my “exact belief system… religion” is anything its don’t make assumption about a problem, test it define it, research it, test it again, refine the definition and hopefully resolve it. Or in other words my posts are basically _pendulum swings_ the other way (sorry I said I would not do that again *whack… bad Bandito) not a Valve Jihad against stoperror (I mean the guy likes FreeBSD how bad can he be?).

    As the young folks say these days… Peace.

  18. Ray Says:

    What don’t you like about my precious underscores? They are absolutely awesome! In the almost forgotten pre-Internet days, people used to talk face to face and pronounced certain words differently, which added to their meaning. Using underscores is just another technique to add some of that to pure text. Like smilies. It’s so useful.

    I have found personally that regardless of how thin a program may be, there are always ways to diagnose and fix problems.

    Sure, there are, and in the case of this

    sometimes none of them really help. Again, don’t assume people didn’t try to solve it.

    And the error sticks – to annoy quite some time.

    Based on the number of people who do use it I would not be surprised if there _ARE_ problems with it.

    Exactly, that’s why it should be a-okay to talk about these issues.

    I will say that I probably do get easily annoyed when people complain about unsolvable problems as I administer a small network with 75 users and have always (eventually) been able to solve problems with many esoteric programs.

    I see where you are going with this, but this has nothing to do with a couple of concrete problems brought up here in the article and comments. The people who complain about something, without trying to solve the problem first in a constructive way, are not necessarily the same group as those, who get an error message instead of their game download in Steam. I know 4 Steam users personally and they all have it too… Maybe it’s a regional thing, it’s not easy to determine (maybe I should move to a different country, to check out if it’s there too…), it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a genuine problem…

    […]unsolvability (is that a word?)[…]

    Yes it is.

    Tip: If you don’t want people to take you for a troll, then don’t talk about “CIA killings” and “conspiracies”, when the topic is a Steam message window describing/announcing an error. People usually won’t do that then by themselves…

  19. Ray Says:

    Oh and I forgot to say/add about the Steam user forums… It sucks to have long texts deleted, for whatever reason. I never said anything about a conspiracy, I know this is just the mood of a moderator. This “insight” doesn’t make it less annoying… I don’t type something to have it trashed. Wasted effort. It’s frustrating. Enough reason to save meaningful discussion for other places.
    They simply don’t share my opinion, that it’s more harmful to remove postings, than letting people speak their piece. And yes, I’m well aware of the fact, that it’s their right to do whatever they please on _their_ forums. But don’t expect people to be cheered up by it. Please remember that I’m still talking about postings without any insults (I get it when such stuff is removed). Just the way I’m writing right now. If someone really believes there’s a need to delete something like this, they’ll never have me convinced it’s all fine and dandy.

  20. Bandwidth Bandito Says:

    Comment Deleted due to excessive length and inappropriate content.

    Additional information: Author uses _ _ instead of ” ” to emphasize words

  21. Bandwidth Bandito Says:

    But seriously your points are taken onboard, my point is just don’t give up and be aware that the answer may come from an unexpected source or angle of inquiry. I just don’t agree that steam sucks, may I be allowed that opinion?

  22. stoperror Says:

    Sure, but you can’t make other people think that Steam doesn’t suck, which is what your trying to do.

  23. Ray Says:

    […]Author uses _ _ instead of ” ”[…]

    No that doesn’t quite cut it, think more of italic or bold. And of course simple underlining is its origin. Some Blog systems even convert it into this automatically. However, in many cases it’s faster/easier to type the underscores.

    Lots of people use it, I’m quite surprised you aren’t used to it.

    I just don’t agree that steam sucks, may I be allowed that opinion?

    As long as it doesn’t make you discard or ridicule legit concerns, sure. 😛

  24. George Says:

    Steam is the worst pile of sh*t I’ve ever seen. Talk about major bloatware.

    Relying on this program to “do it all” is dangerous. Way too many eggs in one basket.

    Like just the other day, I tried to start a game and it said something like “steam not available”. WTF? To fix it, I had to delete an obscure file in the game directory.

    SERIOUSLY. Do you know how long it would take a non-techy person to figure out how to fix that?

    And let’s not mention having bullsh*t slow loading ads shoved in your face everytime you start up.

    Valve sucks. HL2 sucked, TF2 sucks hardcore unless you’re a reject who sucks at BF2/Quake.

    Screw Valve, I hope they go bankrupt and they all die in a fire.

  25. George Says:

    And I agree with Ray, holysh*t what a bunch of dictators they are running the forums. Posts deleted, accounts removed… and not to mention they are the only forum that have to “approve” new accounts.

    WTF? They have a captcha system. What, they are going to scrutinize every name for bad language? And it takes for f*cking ever to get an account approved. Lazy as* worthless mods.

    Valve = worst software company ever.

  26. Barry Says:

    I don’t get it. Best Buy has Empire Total War on sale for $29.99 yesterday so I bought it.

    I put the disk into the machine last night and expect to spend 30 minutes or so installing the game. Instead this “Steam” program installs and insists on updating itself on the internet. It appears to be sucking up the entire bandwidth of my DSL line and now 24 hours later and several restarts of the system and the eternal downloading the game still isn’t installed.

    I am not an idiot. But from a computer standpoint I am just a user. I am not any sort of IT or computer guru. This shouldn’t be so hard. Plus, I have one computer here at my little home office and was trying to run a CAD program and draw while this damned program downloads. Had to stop the Steam download because it’s resource sucking was effecting my work(it was a fairly complex rendering but still it’s just downloading). Ridiculous.

    As I write this it is still “Updating 0%, 46.8 KB/s” though it has normally been at 8.5 KB/s or slower. Is it my machine or my internet connection that’s so slow or some far off overwhelmed server?

    What the hell is going on? What use are the two disks in the box? I am never going to play this game via the internet so I have no need for any internet connection or services associated with this game (other than downloading a patch to fix bugs).

    I am tempted to return the game to Best Buy. This is horseshit.

    • nambulous Says:

      I have not bought Empire: Total War myself, so I can’t be completely sure this is the problem, but it seems Steam tries to download the game, although you have the data mediums right there and could install it from them.

      Here’s a topic on how to install from the discs:

      Always visit the Steam user forums, when there’s a problem with a game bought or running on Steam. At least no one is alone with these issues.

  27. This is post 100 and… « STOP Error Says:

    […] GNOME on CentOS (my new distro of choice), and I’m good to go. Plus, I can’t believe my rant back in January got 28 […]

  28. BK72 Says:

    Now it’s August, 27th and Steam still sucks.
    The greatest pile of horsesh_t ever devised.
    A good buddy banned for whatever, after spending 150 bucks + for Valve’s games (NO cracks, cheats and so on!!!) the rest of our “gang” waiting for countless hours to be “updated” when trying to have a quick brawl in HL2DM:Source, setting up a DoD:S dedicated server takes ages because of hidden, though necessary info (you don’t need to install “Dedicated Server Source”, no, you need to install “Team Fortress2 Dedicated Server”(… Ah, thanks, almost forgot, sorry I wasn’t hangin’ by your lips, silly me…).
    All in all, my acquaintance with Valve’s products ends as of now.
    I’m sure Gabe “Peter Griffin” Newell won’t give a frak for a Kraut like me, who’s not buying Ep.3, when Zillions of Fanboys all over the world are buying his sh_t.
    But that’s not my concern, on the opposite, I’ve got one concern less! 😉

  29. Angry Steam User Says:

    So, $team decided to have one of those “OMG FREE” weekends where you can play UT3 for free for 3 days. Though as the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” When i tried downloading, it kept stalling, crashing, and lagging. Not to mention that steam also crashed a lot on a old laptop i was trying to run Half Life 1 on.

  30. Ray Says:

    Steam is crap! I am in the military and travel to a lot of places where there is no internet connection, so I avoid Steam-ware like the plague. Furthermore, if I buy friggen software, I want to use it without having to check in with big brother to get permission. I could live with all the _features_ offered by steam, including product registration, but requiring people to check-in before they can play a single player game is just idiotic…..I am suprised at how many zombies so willingly line up for it.

  31. stoperror Says:

    Yeah, I kind of like some of the features that Steam offers. If Steam was an optional component of games. For example, Counter-Strike. You could install just simple typical non-Steam CS, or you can install the Steam CS. The Steam CS would have all of the friends, and community features, while non-Steam CS would be just that, non-Steam. They’d both connect to the same master server, so they’d both be able to play the same games.

  32. mark twain Says:

    Steam was the worst piece of fucking shit I have ever had the misfortune of sticking into my computer.
    1. When I loaded half-life into my computer it required steam. But if thats not enough it requires internet connection, and Email addresss,
    and several different cds. when I first loaded the original half-life
    (non-steam version) all it took to avoid piracy was a simple fucking key code. Thats it I did not have to go on the internet, or give my fucking e-mail address, and it only took 1 (count them) 1 CD. And it worked.
    It worked so well that I found the computer games were interesting.
    I played other games like Rainbow 6 Counter Strike (non-steam)
    I played Blueshift, and Opposing Force No problem it only took maybe
    6 seconds to load.
    Having to use internet, E-mail, and multiple CD’s should not have to be required to install a fucking game that you didn’t even need to get the internet to play in the first place.
    2.The load time is infact atrocious.
    whenever I tried getting through the god awful load times I would find the game play slow, unresponsive, and a third of the time I couldn’t even get through the load time at all. It would just freeze right there in the middle of the game.
    3.My game stopped working right on the 3rd day of playing it.
    4.Everything else on my computer ended up slower, unresponsive
    until eventually my computer just simply crashes.

  33. mark twain Says:

    And FYI I don’t like secrom or securerom, or whatever it’s its called because like Steam it doesn’t fucking work, infact the pirated versions were a lot better, and if you bought a retailed version of a computer game that was represented by that software, and had problems, the instructions would actually tell to go to a website that has illegal pirated versions of the game you just bought.
    I really don’t play PC games anymore because now they have these rediculous anti-piracy software crap that don’t keep people from pirating them, it just simply frustrates the consumers, if not completely screw them over. Now I haven’t heard too many complaints from other places or people,
    But I hate Anti-Piracy. And Steam man JUST TOOK MY MONEY AND MY COMPUTER, AND GAVE ME NOTHING!!!

  34. steam sucked my balls Says:

    treushit dead to steam and all the cocksucking steam lovers,they fking popped me some brains and money out off me with all the errors and boolshit ive had to go trough and not to mention tha support guys.

  35. stoperror Says:

    I’ve decided to create a forum dedicated to this matter.


    Steam sucks. I can’t understand why people like it. I just bought a game (and now I am waiting for steam to update it. I’ve been waiting 20 min and it still says 0%). Game developers must be incredably lazy. Also, the idea that people know what you are playing and when doesn’t endear them to me either.

    Anyway, if you want to shut Steam down simply keep downloading your software. Just leave your computer on and download big programs all the time. Once you’ve got the program delete it and start again. Steam can’t afford to lose that bandwidth all the time…

  37. Steam Sucks Says:

    Now steam is dropping support for windows 2k. I know a lot of people on tfc that will be MAD! And now i can’t play ut99 and tfc on my old laptop either. 😦

  38. stoperror Says:

    And in a few years, they’ll be dropping support for XP. And a few years after that, they’ll drop support for Vista and so on. Anyone who says they hate DRM and then goes on about how much Steam is cool is a hypocrite. No DRM system is “acceptable”, steam included.

  39. an old gamer Says:

    Well, lets see, from JAN 2009 to AUG 2010, on this thread, we’ve been pissing and moaning about Steam. And you know what? STEAM STILL SUCKS BALLS! Big, hairy, sweaty, ethnic balls, all day, and all night, and forever … STEAM SUCKS BALLS!

  40. BK72 Says:

    Yeah, all nice and dandy, but while we’re typing our frustration down here,
    Gabe Newell becomes a (optical) crossing between Peter Griffin and Mike Moore even more and Doug Lombardi shuffles his cards anew, to gain an even stronger position. Cheeseburgers and $’s have a mighty effect on the market nowadays…
    Let’s face one thing for fact: the Steam platform has moved itself into a position, where it’ functioning by itself. Check out: “synergy”.
    We’ll be living with it for a few decades to come. Only way to fight it: don’t buy the games, which require Steam. But as more and more developers turn their sights towards this (interesting! ->) so-far-monopoly(!), we’ll all be having our newly bought games “Steam-Mandatory”.
    And be honest, who of us junkies would missing his/her’s next favorite title…?
    And before it comes to mention: DRM has nothing to do with copyright protection; even Steam games are being hacked successfully; the old Call Of Duty(1/UO/2/4) Key Code protection still works well (without DRM) – that whole online DRM “theatre” is solely for those, who give in to “obey!” <- If you don't get the sense of that line, check out John Carpenter's "They Live!", or if you're the more literary type: remember 1984? 😉

  41. stoperror Says:

    The terrifying thing about Steam is that they’re basically the only player in the market. They can abuse that position.

  42. BK72 Says:

    Pity there’s no “good&clean” crack around, to unlock the game content.

    As many others, I own several “Steam mandatory” games, but I mostly
    play offline. Just plain basic “old-school-insert-disc-and-install”, without
    being logged in to some phoney DRM network would be heaven…

    Hopefully someone comes up with something that isn’t a frakking
    Russian Virus of some kind.

    Something, which unlocks the “on-disc” Steam barrier for real…

    Sweet Dreams…

  43. BK72 Says:

  44. scott Says:

    don’t buy steam based games…..
    let’s vote with our feet…

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  47. TJ Says:

    I paid good money for Dues Ex Human Revolution. Had played for some time and enjoyed the game. Now I get this error message and can’t play anymore. I think I wasted 50 bucks. Never again will I buy a Steam game.


  48. electricien 63 Says:

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  50. johnny bravo Says:

    And god forbid you have a key code problem they simply tell you to go purchase another copy of the game.

  51. steam games not launching full screen Says:

    I’m not sure why but this web site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check
    back later and see if the problem still exists.

  52. Several (Small) Updates | STOP Error Says:

    […] no longer the fervent hater of Steam that I used to be. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate the DRM behind Steam, although I haven’t been bitten […]

  53. Anonymous Says:

    New hater of Steam here. Think you can play games on the “offline mode” WRONG.
    I knew this problem was going to happen eventually, and it did. I had a dispute with my internet server which is a wireless service provider.

    Many people have no choice, but to use wireless as there is no cable access in most rural area’s. However ALL wireless providers have a monthly limit on GB use each month. Mine is 4GB for $50.

    So I had a billing dispute with my wireless service a few months ago, and dropped them. No internet………..ok fine.

    Well, I don’t have internet, but I do still have a pretty big library of games on Steam so I’ll just sit back and play some games until I get my internet problem sorted…………WRONG!!!!

    I can’t remember the message from Steam, but it was something to the effect that I would be unable to even get to my account unless I was connected.

    Moving on, now I have internet again. I also have the automatic updates CANCELED for every game in my Steam account. Well guess what, ALL OF MY FUCKING games are being UPDATED!!!

    Hell, I can’t afford that, my internet bill would be several hundred dollars if I let this continue.

    BUT, I CAN’T play these games until they finish updating!!! If I had these games on hard copy I COULD play them, update/patch them at my discretion, but with Steam /WE have no choice.

    And, unless you have stock, or work at Steam I don’t really see how anyone can think its a great, and wonderful thing. Also, forgot to mention that you can’t ever sell any of your old games either.

    God, I hope buying a car or hamburger don’t ever get ran by Steam ………

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