I Bit the Bullet.

In preporation for tomorrow’s Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 release I decided to upgrade to Windows XP. I doubt that 2000’ll be able to upgraded to Windows 7, so I decided on installing XP. Overall, XP is actually a fairly nice operating system. Though the system felt more responsive on 2000, but individual applications feel more responsive on XP than on 2000. Now all I need is to find a way to “burn” a DVD without a DVD burner. I was thinking of copying over the Windows 7 iso files to my very old 3GB Quantum Fireball, and then boot my FLP CD (which can indirectly function as a “LiveCD”). Wish me luck.

This, I belive is Andrew T.’s mortal enemy. (1440×900 125kb)


3 Responses to “I Bit the Bullet.”

  1. Andrew T. Says:

    Will you be reverting back to Windows 2000 after giving Windows 7 (or “NT 6.1,” in the technical sense) a wring-around?

    IE 6’s handling of PNG transparencies does leave something to be desired. The header graphics aren’t even using alpha channels; they’re just simple color-key affairs.

  2. Antony Shen Says:

    Windows XP is not that bad in my opinion. I use Windows XP as the main Windows OS under Parallels Desktop.

  3. stoperror Says:

    @Andrew: It depends. If 7 really sucks, I’ll drop it after the “cool” period of say 24 to 48 hours dies. If 7 gives as good as or better performance than 2000 did, I might actually keep using it until the beta expires.

    @Antony: I found that out today. It really isn’t all that bad. Other than DRM schemes (which can be bypassed) and removing IE (which is a bit harder on XP but FLP seems to be able to NOT INSTALL IE), its a decent OS.

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