The “Mac Book Wheel”

I sincerly hope that this was a joke. We all know who’ll go bonkers about it. Our Apple fanboy… err aqauntience. But really, how am I to get real work done on it? I’d rather use a Vista laptop instead of that, or perhaps one of those netbooks, like the Aspire One or the EeePc.


3 Responses to “The “Mac Book Wheel””

  1. Andrew T. Says:

    I can’t say I’m all that fond of Slashdot’s “idle” section…though just as much due to its layout (which insists on being different from the rest of the site) than anything else.

  2. stoperror Says:

    Yeah, I’d have to agree. The Idle section seems to have idled from graphical updates.

  3. stoperror Says:

    With jokes like these Apple’ll go down the crapper in no time. Steve Jobs WAS Apple. I’m still kinda sore about them dropping the Apple II. During a time in which the PC and Macintosh were very expensive, the Apple II was there. Games, productivity apps and all.

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