I’m finally a target for spamming!

Any blogger should want people to read their works. How do you find out if it’s successful? By the amount of views, which so far for this blog has been 656. By the amount of comments, which has been 56 so far. By dividing the number of comments by the number of articles, which so far for me is 2.54. Or, by the amount of spam a blog gets? An old blogger blog I had, which wasn’t really a blog per se, but more of a basic web site to show off some of by development works, had zero spam comments. Could it have been that Bloggers comment technology was/is far more advanced than that of WordPress/Akismet? Perhaps. But in that weird way, I’m kinda proud. Proud that people/machines think others read this. I do know that my droning on about computer crap all the time can, and probably is boring, but I’m trying to think up a thing for the blog. Something original. Something fresh. Something never before thought up. But only time can tell.. until then, I present to you: STOP Error, the tried but true format!

And on a somewhat related note, I got a STOP error a few hours ago!


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