Windows 2000.. THE BEST software to come from Redmond.

Andrew T. likes Windows 95. I’ll agree 95 is a great OS, but it has NOTHING on Windows 2000. 2000 is based on the NT kernel, and as such is much more stable. 2000 is only a year younger then XP so it should run most (if not all) of the apps XP does. And let us not forget the fact that it has no activation schemes. That alone makes 2000 a viable system. And as I like to say, “2000 is todays 95”. So, I’m thinking of doing a “Windows 2000 series” on my blog. Wadda ya think?

EDIT: Oh yes, and I’ve decided to start an IRC channel for those Windows 2000 (or classic Windows OS users) on AustNet (the same network the others used for their chat). Its #Windows2000.


2 Responses to “Windows 2000.. THE BEST software to come from Redmond.”

  1. Andrew T. Says:

    I will say that if not for the interface cruft and IE integration carried over from Windows 98, Windows 2000 could well have proven to be the definitive version of Windows. Under the hood, its stability and capabilities were as refined as anyone could possibly care about.

  2. stoperror Says:

    Heh. IE Eradicator and Tweak UI. Or, do it some other way. And of course that thing that starts with an ‘L’.

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