I feel good, yet bad.

I got a few new computer goodies for Christmas: a new TV tuner, a new VIA Envy24 based sound card and another Gig of RAM. The sound card and RAM run fine, with the sound rivalling my friends high end Creative. And the RAM boosting my systems performace. But the TV tuner? I had many problems just installing it!  I stuck it in an available PCI slot and tried installing the drivers. No go. It told me the hardware couldn’t be found. Shut down and take a look. Whoops… didn’t stick it in all the way. Reboot. It detects it! Install the drivers. Drivers installed. So now why don’t we take it for a spin in VLC Media Player? The damn thing is tinted BLUE! Should I just forget about the $20 I spent and buy another one, or tinker with it until it works?


2 Responses to “I feel good, yet bad.”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    Having survived an AVerMedia HDTV tuner card, I’m glad I spent some money on HDTV parts. I combined a cheap $3 component video switch, a $50 High-BOX from eBay, a used $20 RCA DTC-210 HD ATSC tuner (replace this with a suitable HD QAM tuner for cable), and one of my Trinitron CRT monitors, and got something pretty close to the real thing for a lot less.

    I guess the only difference between this and the real thing is the lack of DVI and HDMI, which I’m not particularly concerned with, since 1080i looks fine over component, and my speaker setup depends on being analog to work the way it does (I have cables crossed for pseudo-surround). It does component, composite, RF, S-video, and VGA, like any other decent TV should. Oh, and it’s not 16:9, but I can live with the black bars.

  2. stoperror Says:

    Actually I kinda fixed it. Got the radio working and the TV working, though some channels just don’t come in on the tuner though they come in on other TVs in the house (w/ and w/o cable boxes).

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