I really hate my computer right now.

Last night I burnt 6 CD’s full of music and as you can probably guess they all didn’t work quite correctly. I tested them after the fact and they stuttered and didn’t sound that great. I guess it could either be the burner which was 48x while the CD’s 52x, or the Integrated sound chip, which had problems like this before (in the summer when it was really hot). Since I rarely use the 48x burner and I’ll be getting a new sound card (along with some other computer goodies) for Christmas, it’s all good, but somewhat annoying. Only 6 days left. Goodie.


2 Responses to “I really hate my computer right now.”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    Have you tried burning at slower speeds? Typically the relationship is the other way around; lower-speed CDs won’t burn right in a high-speed drive, but lower-speed drives can burn high-speed CDs fine. My dad’s 4x burner works fine with my 52x CDs.

  2. stoperror Says:

    No, but I was doing other things while I was burning it, and the computer in question (which well wasn’t even mine, as to alleviate worries from prying eyes.) is a piece of crap. But oh well, at least the noises during the The Who songs aren’t THAT bad.

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