Switching to Linux? Nope.

As I stated in an earlier post, I said that I wanted to switch to Linux before 2009. Will that be happening? Nope. I do think Linux (and basically all the UNIX-likes for that matter) are superior server systems, I just can not say that for the desktop side of the story. The full featured desktops are bloated, whil the not-so-bloated desktops are sparese and dare I say it(?), Windows 3.x like. Why can’t they create a Windows NT 4.x GUI, with similar system requirements of course. I am technical literate, but I don’t like having to open up a conf file to edit a simple menu.

Plus, we come to the topic of multimedia. In this regard Linux is actually fairly strong. But not strong enough. It doesn’t have the driver support Windows has. I also like the Wine Windows environment emulator, it’s grown more robust in recent years, and has support for Win16 apps on x64 systems, something Windows doesn’t have. But, 2008 won’t be the year of the Linux desktop for me, and most likely not 2009, but hopefully 2010 or beyond.


One Response to “Switching to Linux? Nope.”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    You may want to check out the LXDE desktop environment, which is a bit like a cross between NT 4 and GNOME. I use it full-time on my two (soon to be three) Debian boxes, and even at 600MHz it flies like a 2000 machine. And yes, it has a built-in menu editor that (on Debian, at least) automatically updates as new packages are installed through apt.

    I started with the Debian base system (~200mb), followed up with Xorg, LXDE, Epiphany, Pidgin, VLC, and OpenOffice, most of which is available straight out of the Debian main repository. I’m not sure what sort of disk space that configuration takes up, but I can tell you that it fit quite nicely on the 1.2GB hard drive I have in my P1/233.

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