I hate mini backspace key keyboards.

You know the type. They have a large Enter/Return key but a small backspace key and a misplaced “|\” key. But other then that I have virtually no qualms with this keyboard. It was cheap. Had those ingraved Vista Win key’s (which were the best part of Vista, IMHO). And of course most importantly: PS/2.  I also have a USB Compaq keyboard I got for free that works and has the standard Enter/Return keyboard layout. But the keyboard and mouse are the least upgraded parts on my computer, for the reason that it takes me a LONG time to get used to a new keyboard or mouse.


3 Responses to “I hate mini backspace key keyboards.”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    My first and only keyboard since 1996 has been a trusty IBM Model M, grey label, part number 1391401, vintage 1989. It hasn’t even come close to breaking yet, and I sure as hell wouldn’t give it up.

    I’ve been planning a Bluetooth wireless version of it, that uses an m68k microcontroller and some PS/2-to-ASCII scan converter software that I found, coupled with a TTL to RS-232 level converter, an RS-232 to Bluetooth dongle, and some host software running on my laptop. Throw in some 4/3A-size rechargable batteries into the channels along the edge, and I should be able to get some ten hours of battery life on one charge (blech). But of course, that’s been too costly for me to ever implement, despite having some of the hardware on hand already.

  2. Andrew T. Says:

    My current keyboard is a programmable Gateway 2000 from 1993 with 124 keys. It does, unfortunately, have the “small Backspace and huge Enter” arrangement, but I’ve ultimately gotten used to it.

    I’ve never cared for the extra three keys on what people once referred to as “Windows 95 keyboards” myself; partially because it represented an attempt by Microsoft to imprint hardware standards with its proprietary trademarks, and partially because when playing DOS games from within Windows, the Ctrl key made you jump, the Alt key made you fire, and the key nestled in between hung the system for a few seconds, minimized the window, brought up a menu you didn’t need, and (on a bad day) crashed the game. And of course, there was no option in the properties window (née PIF manager) to disable the keys; even in Windows 98.

  3. stoperror Says:

    @Don: I was thinking of buying a new Model M for $70.

    @Andrew: I use multiple computers/keyboards through the day and the majority use the small enter/large backspace config so getting used to it isn’t quite possible. And I actually like the Win/Super keys. I’ve grown so used to Win+R/Win+D and all those other goodies I can’t even think of what life was during the Ctrl+Esc days..

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